Sorc Newbie


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Sorc Newbie

ive played D2 for a while, mainly using Pala, or Barb builds, as it was single player. I played single player because i live in Aus, and we didn't have cable.
So if i wanted to go online, it was bad pings, and strange people in the asia realm.

We got cable, i made an account on USwest.

anywho, this is my first sorc, ever.
I went for a lightning sorc, with orb as Backup. i got my light skills up high first, and am maxing orb going through hell, as needed.

lvl 69


Chain Lightning-20
Lightning Mastery-19
Frozen Orb-7
Cold Mastery-3
Warmth-5 (yeh, i know, i screwed up)

Keep in Mind im VERY poor on bnet...
Helm-Tal Rashas Horadric Crest
Weapon-Spire of Laza
Armour-Skin of Vipermagi
Amulet-Eye of Etlich
Gloves-Rare High Resist
Boots-Rare High resist
Rings-Resists and +20% FCR
Belt-More Resists

so hows it look?
i do some good dmg, and orb is good on the switch.
Ive got my other skill points spread round, with my equip bumping them up to useful levels, Energy shield, and frozen armour, etc...


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Hello and welcome to the forums:)

Your sorc looks nice:) You need to max Frozen Orb quickly...not only is a wonderfully easy spell to use in most situations, you'll probably encounter a lot of Lightning Immune monsters soon:(.

Spire of Lazarus is an okay staff, but you could try to shop for a better orb...It shouldn't be too hard to get a +2 sorceress skills orb, and then you can use a shield too (Rhyme is relatively easy to make and kicks ass). Also your amulet isn't very good except for the +1 skills...try to gamble a better one, with a bit of luck you'll get a +2 sorceress skills or +1 with a good second mod.

Maybe try to do some Nightmare Mephisto/Baal runs with some more magic find, then you could be lucky and find some better stuff. You can probably finish Hell quite easily, but it's always nice to have some better gear.

Good luck!


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Whoah... dude, STOP PUMPING ENERGY! You need to pump vit something fierce, right now! Seriously, characters 20 levels lower should have more life than you do. It's pretty much too late for max block now, I think, so don't touch dex. Just put it all in vit, and maybe 23 more points in strength later down the road.

For future reference, you probably shouldn't have more than 50-70 base energy for untwinked build. The only exception is if you're using ES or Nova. In a twinked build you shouldn't even bother touching energy.

For skills, I agree with what was said above; concentrate on maxing FO, since your Chain Lightning looks like it should be doing sufficient damage for Hell already.


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yeah man i would also advise you not to put in energy anymore. I have my sorc the same build and i am doin fine with only 75. Even with 75 i am kinda upset becasue i would have done fine with base becasue of the charms and other stuff. Looks good though