sorc help, meli gogo help solly nab


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sorc help, meli gogo help solly nab

ok im making a cold sorc but she's a mld'er lvl49
stats would be when finished: 1.2k life and 700 mana.
(note i cant boost mana higher, this is really MAX i can get, with using 8skillers. i know 700 seems low, but its like 2k at a high lvl)


now i was using
20fo, 20mastery, 12 synergie, 1 telekyn, +9 es (-235 with facet, 780'ish dmg) (usual setup)

im thinking if this wouldnt be better:
20fo, 12 mastery,1 synergie, 20 telekinese, +9 es (-195 with facet, 600 ish dmg)

or better take the points from somewhere else?


ive seen only the points invested in tele will help the dmg modifier, so with a +9es staff, and 20 telekinese i should be able to max absorb. is it worth losing the dmg and -resist? (most duellers would use 140 resist and dmg, as its a liga char (capped), hence the lowered mastery)

the main reason is, with 600 mana and only 1 in telekynese i lose my mana pritty fast. and no mana = death sorc.


go for 105fcr or 65. hld id go 105 for sure, but without arachnid this is not easy.

20fcr orb, 30fcr armor, 20fcr shield then either go 65%fcr = frosties + 2soj
or go 125 fcr and replace amu +3/100life with +3/10fcr and magefist. id lose 40% mana and 100 life. or go +3/10fcr amu and circlet, and mage, and lose 200 life. worth the sacrefice? or replace one soj with a fcr mana ring. mmm so q:
worth losing
100life/40% mana (10fcr amu, mage)
or 1skill/40% mana ( 10fcr ring, mage)
or 200life (10fcr circlet and amu)
for 105 fcr? and if yes, wich is best option.


how much fhr to aim for. 86 would be for hld, but how about for lld?
i got a fcr 24fhr belt. so i was thinking of leaving at 24 to get 10frames, or should i use 3 fhr skillers and go for 60fhr and 8 frames? and lose 90 life.

meli giv your sorc expertice ^^


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damn cant edit my post, well some more info on question 1 that might help u / me descide

maxed cold: 920 fo dmg, -235 cold resist, absorb mutliplier= 1.96 x dmg
maxed telekynese: 690 fo dmg, -215 cold resist, multi= 0.75 x dmg

it will decrease my offensive dmg with 33% (more probably with the lowered 'cold mastery) , but increase my defensive play (mana bulb) with a rough 125%. so i think its worth it, but most tell me not to change it.... even if i got the idea that the offensive is not the sorc main problem, but her defensive. once she gets hit, she's a death rath. and im using a lvl 8 es for the moment, with a lvl15 es, 1 hit will take off all my mana for sure, and no matter how much i life i got, ill die probably. but i can be wrong, as im not a sorc expert...


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well, you can't edit your posts more than an hour after you make them. and if you edit within 1 minute, it won't even record it as an edit.

i don't have a lot of time right now, class in 12 minutes. i'll come back and type more.

question 1: if one hit drains your mana, that isn't good. you do need your mana. the question comes down to if you get hit that often. if you get hit every 5th duel by a lucky shot, its not important. if you get hit every duel and die from it everytime, it is important.

personally, my characters dont' use ES, (i might make one that does), and when they get hit, they don't live long. i found ways to teleport around and not get hit. it works for me.

and time to leave.


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i would recommend having more TK if you are having a problem with it getting hit and mana.

i once read on this forum a guide that was about effective life total. it explained in excruciating detail how to use ES most effectively. which basically was having your mana and life pools empty out at the same time. but all of its calculations said that you should have more mana than life. simply put: on an ES sorc, your mana pool is your life pool.

and casting ES from switch, which is what i think you are doing, is a good idea.

aboot the fcr:

more than the 63 fcr breakpoint isn't needed. your spell is timered, so you are looking at having faster teleport. and with low level duelers, you don't have the mana pool and skills and whatnot to constantly teleport as long as high lvl duelers. unless you pump teleport, but i don't see that happening.

also, that 3 skills 100 life ammy looks sweet.

and about the sojs, if you don't mind losing the skill, you can get rings that add more mana. i remember there used to be a duped classic ring that was fcr, mana, res and the way to get the most mana was by using one of those and a soj. so if you can find one like it, it wouldn't be a bad trade off. though i doubt you will find one like it. i would stick with the sojs.

the last question was about fhr. i woudln't put in the extra effort to get to 60 fhr. but then again i don't get hit all that often.


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thx mathil for the first comments.

ive tried to talk to some sorc duellers in game, and they kinda told me the same. if u are really expert in teleporting techniques (i dont mean, house or corner laming) a sorc isnt ment to get hit, and no es and low fhr would be the ideal. but this is not my case. i do get hit often. (especially as i duell alot of firesorces, bowama's in mass, trappers, chargers

so maybe the max tk build would be better for non pvp sorc experts.

heres the problem

1200 life - 900 mana = (1200 * 6 (pvpcut)) = 7200 dmg i can absorb = 1charge,1 fireball, 1 trap etc

1000 life - 1200 mana (max tl) = ( 1200 * (1/0.75) * 6 ) + (1000 * 6 ) = 15600 dmg i can absorb ALOT more

on high lvl sorcs, most of u have 3 4 k life, wich is enough to absorb 1 or 2 hits. me with 1k life, i cant absorb at all. as 49's do almost same dmg as on lvl90's.

(ive calculated my mana regen, with warmth and perfect skulls (did compare frost vs mage vs saphire vs skulls), and at 65fcr (wich i agree after some duells is enough) using frostburns and skulls etc gives highest mana regen/sec and put mana at 1.2k i have enough mana to tele and orb without losing mana. (around 20-23 mana /sec, tele costing me 18mana, orb 45 mana)

about soj vs fcr ring, i have a 10fcr/120 mana ring, but with 1k+ mana, sojs gives me more mana then fcr rings. so no increase in mana, just a loss in dmg.

fhr= as i do get hit alot ( 2- 3 hits each duell) i could really use them. hard to tele away if a mass atack of guided arows hits u. (ofcourse barbs, druids, etc dont hit me any time, but ga zons, firesorces etc do hit me at least 2 3 times. (luck with firesorcs, mass ga spamms from zon's, etc)

so maybe, max tk and 60fhr if u are a beginner, and swap later to 24fhr and no es if i become a expert.

note: could u explain teleporting tactics, many know, but no one really has the time or wish to explain them in details. maybe u could?

note2: is this post still on this forum, and anyone kept it in his favorits perhaps? would really like to read it.

note3: 900 fo dmg and 6k absorb or 600orb dmg and 16k absorb, u would chose 900 fo? couldnt 600 be enough to kill ?

note4: my q's are bit like a barb, use 2 weapons or 1 weapon and shield... quess it all comes down to how many hits u can take .. right?
thx alot for the advice.


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lol mid'er
i never try that before lol
well i could give you some of my experience about ES if you want but.... it is not for mid'er o_O


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well thats the whole point of asking some expert advice.

i know how to make a hlder, but not a low. well i know but i nede advice on balancing it all. to es or not to es for a mid lvl. was hoping meli would give some advice. i tried to include all the info that was needed so i could get good advice


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Hey soli,

question 1:If you use ES, you need those 20 Telekinesis. No way out there.

question 2: When you absorb resists will play less factor, so yes its worth it.

question 3: With absorb life will be less factor, so the circlet will be just fine.

question 4: well hte one breakpoint below 86fhr will do.

Hope that helped ;)


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hiya meli ^^ long time


would all agree with this?

24fhr/65fcr base setup vs melee etc
60fhr/105fcr vs trapper, sorce etc. (replacing 100life/+3 circlet with 20fcr/+3circlet, and soj with 10fcr/120mana ring)

skill placement

20frozen orb
12cold mastery
(es and frozen armor from prebuf)

better then

20frozen orb
12 synergie
20 cold mastery
1 warmth
(no es or telekynese)