Sorc damage calc problem


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Sorc damage calc problem

The calculator I’ve been using (Chippydips) doesn’t allow for adding elemental damage to sorc attacks (like eschuta or facets), so I’ll have to do some number crunching manually. Anyone know of a better calculator? I used to have one that allowed for +% damage gear, but now I can’t find it. The InDiablo skill calculator isn't any better. Anyone know of a better one?

Baring a better skill calculator I was trying to do the math long hand and ran into some problems. I think I've found a work around, but my initial problem is puzzling me.

Here's the formula as I know it:
[base skill damage] * [synergy mod] * [mastery mod + (+% skill damage)] = [total damage]

The problem is that every time I do this long hand I get slightly different numbers than the skill calculators do. I’m assuming the calculators have it right, and my calculations are off a bit, probably some internal rounding function. I do understand that -enemy resistance also has a huge effect on damge, but that's easy to calculate later.

Here’s an example of calculating minimum damage on a level 41Fireball with 40 synergy points and 19 mastery points (not counting the facets yet)

573 * (1+ 40*14%) * (1+303%) = 15240.65

The calculators say 15253 damage. That’s a difference of only 17 points or about 0.1% I suppose I can just ignore this small difference, but its still annoying. This does make me think I know what I'm doing though.

Now If I were to add in 3 fire facets the formula looks like this:
573 * (1+ 40*14%) * (1+303% + 15%) = 15807.92

OK, here's where I start getting things messed up. This is an example of calculating maximum damage on a level 40 Lightning with 38 synergy points and 20 mastery points (not counting the facets yet)

912 * (1+ 38*8%) * (1+542%) = 23654

The calculators say 24122 damage. Here the difference is 468 points! That’s almost 2% of total damage. Still kinda small, but now it makes me think I should find a better way to calculate damage.

Now if I add in three facets the formula looks like this:
912 * (1+ 38*8%) * (1+542% + 15%) = 24207

Don’t worry I won’t walk you through the math on each spell, but I did want to show you that I know what I’m doing (at least I think I do).

I wondering if this would be easier (and more accurate) to add in the extra damage from gear. Basic algebra says I should be able to take the final damage I get from the skill calculator, devide out the slvl mastery percent (1+ mastery%), then mutiply that result by slvl mastery percent + additional gear damage% (1 + mastery % + gear damage %).

Matching my calculated lightning Lightning numbers above with 15% more from facets would be:
23654 / 642 * 657 = 24207.

Anyone know of a simplier way to calculate this?


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looks like you are doing it fine
however, what chippydip doesn't show is that a number of skills actually have decimal base damage and chippydip uses these decimalised figures but displays the rounded.
id guess base fb damage at lvl 41 was 573.5-621.5
573.5*(1+40*0.14) *(1+3.03) = same as skill calc
method = fine just the base isn't shown correctly for you to use

lightning mastery i think you have just accidentily clicked in 39 synergy points eg 20 18 and 1 = 39 not 38 which matches perfectly

easiest way is to use a calc
use calc to get synergised base damage then add facets onto the % you would know comes from mastery (use skill calc)
(ofc for cold its simpler)
but you can figure it yourself as above if you iron out little mistakes


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Hmm, double checked the skill calculator. I must have had 39 synergy points (probably put 1 in nova on accident).

For both examples I was figuring on tal set with +2 mastery points from the orb. I forgot to mention that I'm figuring a slvl 42 mastery for both examples - but the numbers I showed did account for it. Thanks for the help