Sorc Build Frustration


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Sorc Build Frustration

Made the switch from practice(SC) to Hardcore about a week a go. Lost one sorc so far due to poor teleportation. I'm struggling trying to come up with a quality 'survivor' build.

I need to MF on the way to eventually farming Hell Andy.

'Survivor' Must skills Include:

Max tk / 1 ES
Max Block

With Max TK and 1 in ES with pre req = 26 skill points So what combo of kill spells will I need to handle Hell Andy the safest?

With 26 skill points reserved for TK/ES and the need for 2 elemental attacks to deal with Andy and his pals in Cat 4, which two skills sets work best:

Orb/meteor – My first thought but its going to make leveling an semi twinked sorc hard
Orb/CL – Without synergies in each tree I fear problems killing swiftly
Meteor/CL same as above

Pure Fire is out due to all of the FI’s

Would a pure Blizzard sorc work for Hell Andy?


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Orb sorcs work best for MF'ing Andy and Meph. A fully synergied orb will make quick work of andy and meph. Most of the creatures in cat 4 are light or fire immune, rarely you ll see cold immunes there.


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my sorc was max telek/max eshield/max orb/max mastery/rest into orbs synergy (ice bolt i think it was)

along with 75% blocking and 45% dr, she was unstoppble. until i stripped her and let a friend hit her with a meteor.

but if i ever make another sorc, i'm convinced thats the best way to go

btw, did i mention she could tank pretty much anyone?


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Thanks for the Input - I just need the dam sorc to survive to farm
NM Andy
NM Meph
and most important Hell Andy.

Lumberg - I like the idea of tanking... How powerful is the TK/ES max block setup? Can it really tank without loosing the blue bulb?


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Well, I have a few tips and pointers I guess. First, I'd like to present an alternative to max block - no block. I'm not saying it's better, I say it's different and I use it and I'm happy.

Obviously, you get hit alot more often. Max block is very useful for most chars and without it, well, it's self expalantory.

You get more vitality. Most favor the max block because you only get hit 1/4 times, but the reason I don't use block on my Hell Meph/Andy sorc is that I find the real danger is elemental attacks and mana burn. When you get hit with mana burn (not that rare when teleporting to Andy), your ES is nullified. Some prefer the block to save them then while I like to have a hard buffer of HP instead.

It's purely personal preference. I'm just telling you it's highly viable.

Secondly, If you are planning on a pure Andy/(and Meph later) runner, then your best bet is going ORB "only". There are no "inherent" Cold immunes in Andy's room, although a boss can spawn with the mod. with a strong synergy ORB, it's minions will be quickly disposed of and your merc should be able to take down the single CI boss (which you take to half with static).

So, full synergy ORB is the way to go if you are only interested in a MF char. If you get any points to spare, sure, but I testify that for Andy and Meph, you only need ORB. Have a look at this Andy go boom! That's how fast you take Andy with high orb and how you find your Harlequin Crests.

Good luck!


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lumberg said:
along with 75% blocking and 45% dr, she was unstoppble. until i stripped her and let a friend hit her with a meteor.
Everyone at work has just wondered why I just burst out laughing and blew half a snickers out my nose - that is the funniest thing all week :lol:

What possessed you to do this? - I mean I know it's just a bunch of pixels, but didn't you feel the slightest bit bad about this.

Heartless monster:)

I'm just going to try and compose myself before moving the forklift now!



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I run Meph Andy Hell with Blizz/Glacial. There are many things that make me like Blizz over Orb.

1, Glacial is a deadly skill and very usefull, and is not jsut a damage adder!
2. It comes at lvl 24, Glacial at 18 and pumping them both early makes you devistating in Norm and NM!
3. You can be a full screen, corner to corner and kill, which can allow you to take things out taht dont see you yet!!!
4. Glacial stops dead anything not CI this includes Lidsters buddies!
5. since Blizz has range if you have poor gear you can use the mote lure deal with Meph and take him out wiht no worries of his spells. You cant do this with orb its range is tooo short.
6. Blizz has a near 2 second time. I can shoot with 70 FCR about 10+ Glacials in this time frame, Glacial is around 400 per while my like 1600 Blizz is falling on the target. This is a ton of damage!

Patience is a virtue! I have seen many ppl make sorcs for NM MF, get to NM maybe hit 50 and start running. This IMO is foolish and will only help kill you. Take your sorc thru NM, get 75+ in Baals and max skills max life before even doing what is seemingly simple like Andy. This helps insure that with crap gear you are much safer.

Next thing I see are ppl beeing foolishly greedy and slapping all the MF they can get on and running wihtout max rez. Now this can work 1000 runs or it can fail the first run, but a lvl 70+ Sorc with Max rez good safety, 100-200 MF will still find all the goodies and may never risk death in NM. Yes it may take longer to find better things but at least you arent rebuilding.

IMO, and not an attack on you, but SC isnt "practice" it is a way to loose touch with the reality of HC forgetting the #1 goal of living, and also gets you in a mind set that sure my lvl 40 sorc will teley Baals Throne in NM when we all know tht she can, but that may work 100 times or may fail the first time!

Patience is key, and greed kills!

Max block:

It is very nice and work towards this, get your 75 for Wizzy at 61, these can be Hard points, but dont be so eager for max block to pump dex up with stat points, be patient and work on items. Use those "crappy" 15-20 blue dex rings if ya must, or be happy with your 50-60% Block until you find Tals Belt, or Waterwalks or a Raven to help. You cant possibly pump dex for max block without haveing things to replace the vita you sacrafice while doing it. You also cant sacrafice resists to use a Whitstans for max block.


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lumberg, I was wondering what gears u use to have 75% blocking and 45% dr.
Personally I find that having max block == low life. I tried several build and still like all vita better.

I have a slightly different build that I very much like.
20 tk
1 ES
max orb
10 cm
20 fb
1 fm
rest meteor

with +skills my I have > 100% cm, with that orb is already quite effective. If you have fathom or tals set it gets better. And fb is very handy for those CI, I have 1600 fb dmg for this setup and it's more than enough for the occational CI encounter. Just meteor, fb fb fb fb fb, meteor while your merc tanks for you.


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I'm currently rebuilding my hell meph sorc, which is blizz with the synergies and CM. (the only reason I ended up dieing was because of carelessness at 4:30 am barely able to keep my eyes open....I just wanted that last good drop! Well I ended up dieing again rebuilding her trying to rush myself through nm at lvl 50 (Don't follow my mistake about feeling invincable haha) Any way this build is very easy for taking out hell meph or andy, just make sure to have max resists first and mf comes second to that.


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Pintail - I'd recommend going orb since you will be doing allot of telporting and will want to be able to survive the journey to Andy and Meph.

A significant discussion on orb vs blizz is in a previous thread. It also has a recomended build and the logic behind using orb vs blizz. Chk this thread:



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I am sorry to bring this thread up from teh second page, but i did a search and i have a question.
I am just starting Hardcore, and I hate summoner necros. So, i figured that i would play with the character that I am most comfortable with. So, i chose the sorc.
Seeing as how this is my first HC build, i probably won't make it to 84 (or 15...) So, i was wondering how i am supposed to kill until lvl 30 if i am maxing TK/eShield?


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I don't really get your question, as I, myself, don't max anything until I reach lvl 30 on an orb sorc, including ES/TK. Lvl 1 glacial spike and party play to lvl 30 is not that big a deal, is it?


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well it may be a big deal for him if he is just starting hc and has no friends to play with. that is why i recommend blizz over orb 50x over and over. with blizz and synergies, you will be a power all the way through the game: norm, nm, and hell. you dont have to wait till lvl 35-40 to be able to kill anything, you can just jump in there and start fighting and your damage will get better and better as you go.

once your gear starts getting better, blizz will kill bosses faster than orb anyways.

Blizz vs Hell Andy: just tele to 4, tele up to bottom right of andy's room and kill monsters around her without alerting her. Then slowly advance until she is in top right corner of your screen but off, if you know what i mean. cast blizz in top right corner and it will hit her. with some practice, and by utilizing the little pillars in her room to hide behind, you can kill Hell Andariel without her ever even being on your screen.

or: until you get this technique down right, clear her room of monsters then just run from her while casting blizz right under your feet and leading her through it. she will die and you shouldn't ever get hit. (blizz > orb here because you kind of have to tank her to use orb, but with blizz you can cast and lead her through it)

Blizz vs Hell Meph: this is why Blizz > Orb on a just-starting HC char. You can just do the moat trick and Blizz meph down from a screen away without ever being in any real risk, unless you get a nasty spawn from the council. when you get to 3, just do a mad dash tele to the middle, then across to the circle on meph's side where the bridge appears to the red portal. you can sit here safely to potion and stuff until you're ready. just step a few feet forwards till meph comes towards you then tele across moat on bottom left side and run back until he cant reach you with his attacks. blizz, spike, spike, spike, blizz, spike, spike, spike, blizz, spike spike spike, blizz, collect Shakos.

also for a Blizz sorc, you can run Mausoleum with some mf while you are lvling. No cold immunes, tc lvl 85, GREAT exp till lvl 89ish, and best of all, every monster in there is SLOW as crap so its safe, they literally CRAWL through your blizzards lol. grab a merc for the occasional CI boss.


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i recommend blizz also. not sure how orb handles Ancient Tunnels, but blizz works quite well, although i'm tempted to see if orb is better.


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my sorc i made could tank damn near anything until my internet went out while i was teleing to meph and landed while amped in dolls...flux turned into timeout and that not so good when merc is popping the dolls on me.

but anyway, 16 tk, 63%ish on es (lvl 12ish), max fb, max meteor, max fbolt, rest into fm.
90 res all, max block, 45% dr, cold/light absorb.
i could tank a might enchanted hell meph.
im rebuilding but switching najs armor in for the ga i previously used. only 75 res's. but 45% dmg to mana will be killer.


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Vote for the blizz aswell =). Against hell meff + hell pindle... it is teh rox! Stand far away, safer than that doesn't get better... keep out of their range and aim them with blizz + glaciel.




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skaeleen: Two things. First. Getting to lvl 30 with no friends is still no deal. There are public games and getting to lvl 30 in them should be no problem at all. I never get rushes or anything and getting to lvl 30 is a breeze in public games.

"blizz > orb here because you kind of have to tank her to use orb, but with blizz you can cast and lead her through it"

There was a reason I posted a clip in my first post. I suggest you all look at it and rethink the "have to tank" stance. The sorc in the clip wears a rare +2 orb, Rhyme shield, Tearhaunch boots, crafted gloves, a +1 and some hp amulet, artisan's light plate of the Squid, Tal's mask/Belt. That's not too many +skills and still Andy goes down in a little over 2 orbs after static. There is no need to tank. Your merc might have to tank her for 2 seconds, but that's not too much trouble I'd think.

Now, I don't say Orb >> Blizz, I say it's personal preference, but let's keep the information sharing objective so that we don't trick anyone :thumbsup: - there is NO need to tank Andy with either sorc build :)

EDIT: If the clip doesn't stream, save it and run it locally. It's MPEG-1 (DVD) format.


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You dont pump Telek until you want to first off. I personally go tBlizz maxed and a high CM before adding to Telek. but I made sure Telek was maxed before 75 and entering Hell.

The tlek and ES is good for NM dont get me wrong, but where it shines is in Hell. You really dont need past lvl 1 in either for Norm (lvl 45) and in NM you can start adding to Tlek.

Also.......a sorc can kill from lvl 1 on if they "play the freaking game" Ice blast monster, smack with scepter....dead later, glacial pack, smash with scepter.....dead.....lvl 24 die.....priceless!

It really is rather depressing seeing people thinking they can kill with a sorc before lvl 30. Pick up a shield and a freaking stick and beat them to death! Let taht merc dont ahve to lead the pack, let some barb lead and you make nice pretty blue statues for him to shatter......substitute Barb with Merc depending on situation.

The absolute safest way to build a sorc is quest here completely thru Act 1, dont rush anything.......if you do this in a big game you will literally be adle to destry all things you run into and nothing will hit you all taht hard, and you will get solid exp until lvl 18 EASY! If you want to push it more you can do Andy runs to even higher lvl......think she just aint worht it? She drops many valuable things for new characters like Bloodfists, GULL, Hand of Broc, Lenymo, Nightsmoke...etc. Then go to Act 2 and you will OWN it at lvl 18 with Glacial or use Nova and a stick of some sort...little statci for nasty guys. In Act 2 if you QUEST IT!!! the KEY is will hit 24 EASY as hell and have OWNAGE Blizz and smoke everything. Blizz flat out rocks at lvl 1 in act 2-3 and even 4. Then take off, if you wish you can go faster, skips some stuff, even rush if that is WHAT YOU MSUT DO........but at lvl 24 a Sorc...cold can deal with everything in Norm with 1 point static and 1 point Blizz and reasonable resists and juvs.

BTW, any character that "quests" that doesnt have FULL JUVS after the second quest in Act 2 is just not using the things supplied to them by the game. Hell most the time I have a full belt and extras of full juvs by 24-30!

Fire sorcs and light will have a bit tuffer time getting going as their skills dont slow things, but also dont forget lvl 18 is Firewall one of the most devistating skills for 1 point thier is and when used properly smokes. with a Met sorc though she should get a big Firball early and that smokes anyway!

If you "just cant kill" with a sorc pre lvl 20 then you just dont know how to play one LEARN......ALL characters can kill early but some ppl are just brain locked on high lvl crap so bad they forget what is "possible".


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another tip for getting through norm without pain... keep shopping. Somewhere along the line I bought a +3 lightning staff (not exactly uncommon, but can get a tad expensive with extra skills) from the a2 staff-seller (Drognan?). It completely owns most of the harder sections of a2 and right on into a3 (by when you have blizzard whether you're doing bliz or orb). The huge range and piercing are wonderful. Arcane and maggot lair are especially nice with all those bad guys lined up like sitting ducks :D

then its cold attack to stop the first guy in line and save my young merc's life, then light light (drink light mana) light light (everyone on the screen is dead)

this gets a little mana hungry, but thats what all those minors and other pots fall for...