Sorc Armor: Tals,Vipermagi,or Najs?


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Sorc Armor: Tals,Vipermagi,or Najs?

A simple question for all sorc users out there....which would u use.....
I intend on using one of them for pvm/pvp and tals probably for MF but would it just be best to use tals for everything? I like najs ...1 to skillz plus res and life but no fcr while vipermagi has res skillz and fcr but no life..... and tals is the god of res =P So....any thoughts? (By the way dont have an ormus yet)


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Tal's Armor only with Tal's Amu and Belt

Vipermagi is the one overall armor that gives FCR, skills and res. With an UM socket and perfect you can get +50 allreas which is unrivaled except for Enigma.

Najs, hmm looks more like a melee plate for me. Also the requirements are very high!

Vote goes to Vipermagi! :D


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tal man mf and resis godly as with belt and ammy you got more mf and there is bonuse for wearing 3 set they all are good.


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Viper rulez :D

<-------------points to pimpin 'avatar, who CONVENIENTLY happens to be a pic of a sorc wearing Vipermagi...