Song(s) of the week (4/12/05)


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Song(s) of the week (4/12/05)

I watched Yellow Submarine again this week for the first time in years. Best music related movie ever.

The Beatles - Hey Bulldog
The Beatles - Let It Be
The Beatles - It's All Too Much
The Koreans - How Does It Feel?
The Koreans - Keep Me In Your Mind
Beck - Epro
System of a Down - B.Y.O.B.
Pearl Jam - Corduroy
Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow - Picture
The Blank Theory - Sour Times
Jem - Maybe I'm Amazed


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Need to know- tom petty
Refugee- tom petty
i wont go back-tom petty
learning to fly-tom petty
into the great wide open- tom petty

Did i mention tom pettys king?


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I picked up both Elvis Costello and the Imposters album "The Delivery Man" and Lucinda Williams' "World Without Tears". Wonderful albums, both alt. country gold.

Lucinda Williams - Those Three Days
Lucinda Williams - Righteously
Elvis Costello - Country Darkness
Elvis Costello - There's A Story In Your Voice


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Jay-Z/Linkin Park - 99 Problems
Jay-Z/Linkin Park - Faint
Nickelback - Someday

Good songs.


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Immortal Technique - Cause of Death
Immortal Technique - Obnoxious

Still on that underground rap kick.


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Eluvium - The Unfinished
Eluvium - Zerthis Was a Shivering Human Image
The Octopus Project - The Adjustor
The Octopus Project - Exit Counselor
The Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
The Blank Theory - Middle of Nowhere
M83 - In the Cold I'm Standing
Jimmy Eat World - 23

This morning I had all these great and unique songs, but they have since faded. These are the remainders.


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The Mars Volta-Take the Veil Cerpin Taxp
The Mars Volta-Mirande that ghost just isnt holy anymore
The Mars Volta-Cassandra Gemini
Porcupine Tree-Trains
Porcupine Tree-Stranger by the minute


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Right now my favorates are:

BT- Satellite
Armin Van Buuren - Yet Another Day
Evanescence - Everybody's Fool


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Jigga-Scrooge said:
come on man, yellow submarine is such a terribly stupid movie.
Oh it's completely ridiculous, but that's why it's so great.

And I'm not sure how I forgot to put this song in my list:
The Methadones - Say Goodbye To Your Generation

If you like Bad Religion, check out The Methadones.


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I bought Sonata Arctica's Reckoning Night on Saturday and have been listening to that a lot. My 2 favorite songs are Misplaced and My Selene (I sing it my Jolene since it reminds me of my ex.)


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Listening to too much G'n'R this week.

Don't say you havn't been warned!

G'n'R : November Rain
G'n'R : Welcome to the Jungle [Live]
G'n'R : Rocket Queen
G'n'R : Ain't it Fun
Black Sabbath : Iron Man


what a day!

just got a CD sampler, mixed by Dj's Penut Butter Wolf and Jazzy Jeff
it's a mix of underground groups, DJs and annoyingly f**ing hard to get music. some of you may recognize some of the tracks from the adult swim commercials. here's a list of a few songs:

Koushik: be with
Madvillain: accordian
YNQ- little girl
Oh No: i'm here
Mr. Magic- potential
Dj Rels: broken soul
Percee P.- throwback rap attack

and here's some other stuff i was listening to on monday, is okay:

brand nubian- brand nubian
biz markie- just a friend
gangstarr- BYS
slick rick- children's story


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Stein um stein- rammstein
Bat out of hell- meatloaf
someone told me- the killers
hope- apocalyptica
in my dreams- with broken wings