Some Zon help needed


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Some Zon help needed

hey, i just found a nice pair of 200% ed Titan's Revenge, so I'm gonna start up a zon. But for LIs i was thinking Multi or Strafe, but which is better? this will be a softcore zon, moderately twinked.
Thanks guys!



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id just get a buriza with a point in guided arrow, or a hellrack - something with a lot of non-lightning elemental damage. id definatly use guided arrow over strafe or multishot (assuming this is mostly a javazon).

If your going hybrid, use strafe - it is better against boss characters than multi.

thats my 2 cents :buddies:


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Personnaly I'd also go with the strafe over the multi and 1 point in guided should be enough for most of your needs.


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well, if your going hybrid with the focus on java skills max LS, LF and use strafe... max valk some in the dogde skills and other passives and your set... maybe a couple of points in frozen arrow of immolition arrow for a third source of damage and your set..
mine works great ;)



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I have always preferred the charged strike, lightning fury and 1 pointer guided arrow to be very useful and its great for untwinked. Maxing valkyrie is a good way to get a tank too and getting pierce and lightning strike for synergies for charged strike so you can do more damage


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Since you're going to be a hybrid-zon...that is, part javelin and part bow, Multishot is not's a crowd-killing skill, and you have Lightning Fury for that. Strafe would be arguable for that reason as well.

Either Guided Arrow or Magic Arrow...MA has its advantages in less skill points used, but Guided obviously doesn't have to be aimed.

Whichever you choose to use might be quipment-based...if you can find a Witchwild String bow, it fires magic arrows IIRC. Otherwise you might want Guided....but which ever you choose, try for Knockback. I've used a Nef'd Buriza for Guided only, or any one of a number of bows/crossbows.


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I would make a poison/fury zon and just toss a point in guided for PI (it does magic damage I think) Your Valk and Poison should take care of LI's without a problem. If you are still having problems with PI's add some OW and maybe CB although CB won't be as effective on a bow or a thrown javlin.