Some thoughts about my first SP Guardian.


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Some thoughts about my first SP Guardian.

Diablo II LOD 1.11 Hardcore, RRM, RWM.

Name: Akragas
Class: Druid
Build: Wind
Level: 85

1 Preq
20 Cyclone Armor
20 Twister
20 Tornado
20 Hurricane

3 Preq
11 Oak Sage
1 Grizzly

Strength: 72 (117)
Dexterity: 148 (162)
Vitality: 260 (327)
Energy: 20
Unspent Points: 15

Life: 1001 (1824 with Oak Sage)
Mana: 298

Fire Resist: 71
Cold Resist: 75
Lightning Resist: 85
Poison Resist: 15

Chance to block: 75%

Skin of the vipermagi (dropped by Normal Baal)
Spirit Broad Sword
Whitstan's Guard
War Traveler (dropped by Nightmare Baal)
Thundergods vigor
Chromatic Amulet of Greed, +24 resist all, +33% gold

Havoc Band
+9 to Strength
+27 to Life
+5 to Mana
+50 to Attack Rating
All Resistances +11
33% Extra Gold from Monsters

Rune Grasp
+14 to Dexterity
Fire Resist +10%
Lightning Resist +20%

Life: 89
LR: 28
CR: 35
FR: 6
PR: 6
STR: 6

138% gold
24% MF
14% Reduced price.

Insight Cryptic Axe

Some thoughts about playing a wind druid.
This is my first Wind Druid and i must say that this is a very solid build. Not only are you able to dish out some decent damage but there is almost no immunes in the entire game! The only enemies you can't hurt are the ones who are immune to both Physical and Cold damage. I would say that i have bumped into 4 or 5 of them.

But in HC damage isn't as important as survival. And here the wind druid truly shines. You will get a cyclone armor that absorbs ~1500 elemental damage and is very fast to recast. You will get an oak sage that will at least double your life and a recastable tank with good life even with only 1 point invested.

And since you will easily get your life to high amounts you can invest in max block (especially if you happend to have a whitstans guard) wich will make you even tougher.

This means that you will be very hard to kill if you pay attention to your cyclone armor, oak sage and grizzly. I have not had alot of near death experiences. And you also dont need eliteHaX0r-gear in order to easily solo Hell.

The downside to the wind druid is that his main spell, Tornado, is a pain to use. You will mostly be a caster who stands in the monsters melee range since this spell is freaking hard to aim! It seems like he tornados will wander of in random directions and you can't get any control of their destination. This is sometimes extremely frustrating.

Another con is that you will not get your attack spell until level 24 wich is quite annoying. It will also drain your mana very quickly so a Insight is recommended. So basicly this char is a pain to level until you got a few points into Tornado.

But i still think i made a good decision to start my SP HC career with this char. I was tired of trappers and sorces at the moment and wanted to try something new that was viable untwinked. Although i have muled on the T-gods when i entered Act3 Hell.

This char was extremely lucky in normal and nightmare. I got alot of nice drops as you can see. But after Act1 Hell it wore off. Andy was kind enough to drop my first Gheed ever. But all the other prime evils only dropped crappy rares and town portal scrolls. I did get an IST from Hell Hellforge though.

The most annoying encounter was Hell Baal. I had to recast my sage and grizzly all the freaking time. I think that the grizzly has made a nice tank considering i only spent one point but Baal killed him in two seconds. So i was about to go nuts after a while but i made it :thumbsup:

Hell ancients wasn't too hard, no ugly mods only "cursed" that was a little annoying. And ofcourse it was hard to hit them with the tornados...

Thanks for reading!


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Wow! Nice windy! Never made one of these, but I thought they'd be kinda difficult. Nice Ist too! :thumbsup:
Who will your next HC Guard be? :)


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Congratulations on your success! :)

I have never tried a Wind Druid - 1.09 they weren't really anything like viable! I might give it a pop one day!


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congrats, windy are a lot of fun. i like to with 99fcr with them.


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Gratz on the Windy!

It is a really powerful character, I'd like to take mine to 99 one day but I don't have a good enough Amulet to allow for 99% FCR with the gear I want.

Gratz again on the Guardian!