Some stuff FT, lots ISO


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Some stuff FT, lots ISO


Back into D2 after about a 4-year hiatus. Few days of hammer-spam and I've acquired the following goodies, as well as some needs(which will appear at the bottom of the list):

Chance Guards - 29mf :(
Dwarf Star
Carin Shard
Que-Hegan's Wisdom - 141ed(631def), mdr 10

Trang-Oul's Scales
Griswold's Honor - 3os
IK helm - 31mf

4os Scourge, no mods
3os Ancient Shield, no mods

+3 druid summoning, 11mf ammy

Druid summoning skiller gc

And a few Terror Keys

ISO the following:
HoZ - really any condition, currently using a low, low, low Spirit
Travs - again, most any condition here
BK rings
Pally circlet/ammy
Arachnid Mesh
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Re: Some stuff FT, lots ISO

Druid summoning skiller gc

any mods to it?
Nope :( Couple pgems maybe?

I have a 3ll BK ring and goldwraps.
Goldwrap no longer needed. To you and mrgoddess, anything from the above list you'd be willing to trade for the BK's? As I just started again a few days ago(and when I did play I was never into trading) I don't have any decent runes to trade.



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Re: Some stuff FT, lots ISO

Hey I have most of the things on you ISO:

HoZ - 156 ed
BK ring - 3% ll
Pally circlet - +2 pally/30% frw
ammy - 2/2 seraph hymn
Shako - 135 def
Arachnid Mesh - i have several of these

I don't need anything on your ISO. If you have rune currency, make offers on whatever strikes your fancy.