Some @$$%&$ stole my Taco Phone

Some @$$%&$ stole my Taco Phone

Yeah, so in P.E. a few weeks back, some guy stole my cell phone. So I had the number switched out to a new phone to cut him off. Well now I'm getting this gu'ys calls and from some digging and some work, I've got a name. Is there any way I could potentionally get my phone back without too much trouble?
Somehow, I didn't I checked with my school resource officer dude and he said that they can't search anyone, so I assumed they had no power over this. Argh. Stupid ghetto school.
superdave said:
why do kids need to bring cell phones to school with them? is it a status thing?
Extracuricular activities. Currently in Chess club, lit magazine, cross country team, local symphony, newspaper, take private viola lessons, school orchestra, and German club. A phone is my best friend at this point.


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ModeratelyConfused said:
What the hell is a taco phone?
i was going to ask the same thing but i figured it must be something that everyone knew...why would he mention it by name otherwise?...i was ashamed to show my ignorance. :embarassed:
It got it's name because you have to hold it sideways to talk into, it looks like a taco. It also leaves a weird semi-taco shaped indent on some people's cheeks.

I would beat the guy with a lead pipe, but most people find me violent.


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It's amazing how stupid theives are. I suppose if they had any brains they wouldn't be stealing in the first place.