some questions


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some questions

finally i traded a lastwish, what was like my last wish for my kicksin
before i run in a game and start testing it..

here follow some questions:

1. ignore target defense, works only in pvm i guess -> does this mean i dont need a good ar for pvm ?

2. crushing blow, does this work in pvp ?

3. if i run around with BoS and Venom, what happens if fade gets triggered from lastwish, do i loose BoS ?

hmm thats all for now


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1) ignore target defense only works on normal monsters , so for bosses/champions etc you need ar to hit them.

2) iirc cb does work in pvp but it's scaled down alot making it not that good

3) Fade will over ride burst of speed


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Also, ignore targets defense means you have 95% chance to hit. There can not be higher chance than 95%, ever.

Cb is useless in pvp, but I have no numbers on how much it is nerfed.