Some questions about fire druids.


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Some questions about fire druids.

1. Im lvl 80 and have maxed pretty much every fire skill, and now im in need of a skill to use "in" the delays between my fire attacks (as you all know all druids fire skills have casting delay), so... should i:
A: Put some points in a wind skill? (if so, what skill?)
B: Put some points in a summoning skill? (to create a "barrier" between me and my enemies, i know they dont do alot of dmg)
C: Max the rest of my fire skills?
D: Something else.

2. Im not sure what weapon i should use, so here is some options:
A: Earthshaker + Lidless Wall (this means i need to put some more points in to dex to get a ok block rate) (if there is a better shield to use, please tell me)
B: Earth Shifter (this means i have to put alot of points in to str just to be able to use it)
C: Something else.

You have to excuse my english since its not my first language. :lady:

EDIT: Oh, I forgot, its mostly a pvp-char.


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Welcome to the Druid Forum!!! :D :D :D

PvP, eh? Bravo on going with a PvP Fire Druid, you rock.

Well since it is PvP, I'd max the rest of the synergies, no question. You'll want one point in Oak Sage, and at least one point in Cyclone Armor, but after that synergies are the way to go.

For PvP you'll want blocking, so I'd say Heart of the Oak + Stormshield if you're rich, or Wizardspike or Suicide Branch if you aren't so much. Blocking is more important than the +1 skill you might gain, in my opinion.

Good luck!


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if you have armageddon, you should have wind skills reay and you can cast hurricane and spam tornado during the cooldowns


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Tor said:
if you have armageddon, you should have wind skills reay and you can cast hurricane and spam tornado during the cooldowns
Spam twister. The short stun can hold them off long enough for a delay to where off, it spreads out more so that "n00bs" will automatically run away (more time for you)

It is amazing the things unlearned duelers will run away from (ice bolt from fire sorc, Artic Blast from fire druid, Grim Ward, Holy Bolt)


Actually, u can go either way 4 a PvP druid. Either max block or go mass of vita. If u got enigma and there is no skill restriction, then i think u should go leftover point into vita. Otherwise, stick with max block during PvP and use some %dr gears against melee chars.


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Thanks alot guys.
So a Wizspike would be better than a Earthshaker even thou it gives +3 skills and castrate doesnt give as much bonus to a delayed skill as a non delayed skills?

What about armor?
Should i get a vipermagi untill i get an Enigma?

By the way, how does the - to enemy fire resistance work in Ravenlore?
Do i have to hit im or only go hostile?
(my revanlore has a pretty weak -%, is this option really important?)


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I would think that the +3 to skills is more important than the fcr on a fire druid. The wizspike is helpful though because of its massive resists and nice bonus to mana. But if you don't need the resists or mana then the + to skills might be better.

I think the -% to enemy fire res on ravenlore takes place when you attack them, or when you fire attack hits them. For dueling in hell it can be rather important.