Some questions about enchant and ES


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Some questions about enchant and ES

Hi i long time lurker, first time poster in this forum.

I want to ask if i didnt put any point in enchant, but put 20 on warmth and fire mastery, and i use lvl23 enchant from demonlimb.Does it have synergy from warmth and fire mastery, just like how marrow bug works?

Lets say i have a lvl 90 ES, my mana have 20 left, get an 1000dmg attack from a monster, now 950 damage should go to my mana, but since my mana ball now only have 20 left, so does the other 930 damage goes to life or it will just break down the ES?

Thanks alot.


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Warmth and Fire Mastery will boost the damage of Demonlimb Enchant charges... But that has absolutely nothing to do with the charge synergy bug (aka Marrowwalk bug).

Your damage would be much higher if you just put points into Enchant. What are you going to do with the extra points anyway? An Enchantress has enough points for max Warmth, Enchant, FM, TK and ES.

As for your final question, I'm actually not sure but I think it will only break the ES. IIRC that's how Bone Armour and Cyclone Armour work too.


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i think you mean 90% es, not 90 es. (it caps at lvl 40.) i believe that es will be broken and the remaining damage will go to life. in my experience, with high level mana regeneration (through insight,) you will often experience 0 mana but unbroken ES. also, you will sometimes get the situation where it acts as though there's no ES but the ball is still there.


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The 'marrowwalk bug' isn't the same as gaining synergies from a Demon Limb. How the marrow bug works, is when you have it equipped with NO hard points in bone prison, the game thinks you have 33 HARD points into bone prison. So, it gives a damage bonus to bone spear, spirit and such, as well as the synergy to Bone armor.

Demon limb charges work just like an slvl 23 enchant. It gains all the synergies and everything. This is different, because it's not the charges effecting other skills: it's other skills effecting the charges. Marrowwalks can do this as well - if you have a maxed bone armor, for example, your bone prison charges will gain more HP.

The only difference between demon limb and marrowwalk charges is that there are skills that use Bone Prison as a synergy, while no skills have Enchant as a synergy. Therefor, the 'marrowwalk bug' is useless for Demon Limb, because you can't gain free synergy points for your other skills. You can, however, use the Demon Limb as a regular slvl 23 Enchant with synergies and all.

Theoretically, if there was a skill with Enchant as a synergy, Demon Limb would be able to abuse the 'marrowwalk bug' in just the same way as actual Marrows.