Some questions about a few new characters


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Some questions about a few new characters

1) Need help to pick builds to make the best use of these skillers

Passive and magic
Martial arts
Paladin defensive
Bow and Crossbow

The reason is i have found most of these skillers with + life or other nice mods and want to make use of them :grin:

2) ES sorc - Mainly PVM

Should i get max block ?
Pure energy or go 3/2(Energy/Vita) or something else

Main offensive skill will be Frozen orb

Thats about it i think :grin:

Sint Nikolaas

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Well.. as for the answers:
- P/M is only good a daggerzon or something. Not worth it on a bow or java.
- MA probably for a TS/DT. A normal kicker relies more on CB and I haven't tried an elemental claw sin yet.
- Def aura is quite useless. The only build that works with these is the ambulancadin (look it up in the pally forums). You'll need RWM for it.
- Bow might help out for an elemental ranger, but from what I remember you won't need them.

All based on my own experience, others might disagree.

ES sorc for PvM doesn't need block. You're better of dumping those points in energy to get a good mana stack going. You'll need some life (as even at level 40 ES doesn't take 100%), but don't go 3/2.. probably 75-100 vit is enough. Also think about mana burners. I recommend using an Oculus for the random teleport on hit.


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aman said:
1) Need help to pick builds to make the best use of these skillers

Passive and magic
Martial arts
Paladin defensive
Bow and Crossbow
P&M: for any kind of zon, best for bow zon.
MA: MA sin of any kind
Paly def: useless, untill you play unusual build
B&C: normally useless, it helps a little if you play FA zon.


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p&m: some kind of tankazon
Ma:martial sin of any kind
b&c: useful for fishyzons fa attack and mite help with immolation arrow (never used it so i dont know what the damage is like)

for the es sorc dont go max block and i would advise using a litle toy called razorswich coss it has hudge +mana and life and also it has some nice amount of damage reduce

Crazy Runner Guy

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I wouldn't bother with the skillers except the B&C. As mentioned, I'd go make an FA zon with them.

As for the ES Sorc, I've built two, and currently thinking about a PvP'er.

20 FO
1+ CM (to taste, slvl 17 should be minimum though)
20 Telekenesis (ES synergy)
At least slvl 16 ES (that's 71%, and that's where it starts to go 1%pt/skill point. If you go with lightning and have light skillers, try for slvl 40 with a memory staff with inherent +3 ES (that's what I used).
1 Warmth

Harle/Nightwings (socketed with Sol/mal)
Memory ES staff/Lidless and Occy or DF/ or use hel'd Gerke's
2x SoJ
Arch-Angel's ammy of life everlasting (+2X physical damage reduced)
13 mdr vipermagi
Sandstorm Treks (for the poison res and FHR)

Basically, your resistancese don't matter because of how damage is calculated (only poison, since that ignores your ES). The idea is to make your life immune to damage, and with a high slvl ES, you reduce the amount of damage your life takes. To reduce this already small number further, you use straight MDR/PDR (+X, not the % like from SS and Shaftstop) to kill anything left. Dump everything into energy and watch out for MB folks.

Zarhrezz's ES Guide The guide explains the damage steps in detail. Read them and know.

Zharous's PvP ES guide (better optimization of gear)