some hints pls


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some hints pls

i played diablo 1.09 in single player a long time ago, and i used to run a druid.

now i started on bnet, and i started another druid, willing to follow the same build i used a while ago. i guess i have some issues with all that dupping/mulling i did.

i only intend to play pvm. and i want to be able to solo in hell.

i used to run a ww fury druid, with summon bear. i had base dex and energy. maxed fury and summon bear. i remmeber reaching 8k ar, 4-5k damage, 3-4k life. i boosted AR with charms and crafted rings (which of course i cant find create on bnet, coz i crafted hundreds untill i got good ones). i did the sae for life.
so life and ar were not a problem, didnt have to max lyc, ww, oak sage. just a few points in each.

now with 1.10, things are a bit different. and of course i cant have all the items i had back then.
i wasnt able to find a build for 1.10 for this ww/summoner hybrid that worked great back then.

so my question is:
is it viable?
i am at lvl 43, max fury, some points in lyc, ww, summon bear. 1 point in oak sage, but i think is was a waste... spent all my stats on strength and vita (still have ~75 left. i know its old fashined, but i dont know what to expect. and 8 skill points). just started NM. now my AR blows and i get killed too often for my taste...
remember it is my 1st char, so i dont have good items. (although i got bonesnap, peasant crown, aldur mace and helm).
so is it viable un-twinked? anyway i intend to go all the way, so pls give any hints.


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Yoyos said:
is it viable?
Yes! It will however be a bit difficult if you're going completely untwinked. Werewolf druids need a very fast weapon, with good damage and that can be fairly difficult to obtain.

I personally wouldn't max Grizzly bear, because he kind of needs a couple of +skills to be really effective in Hell. It's probably better to spend those points in Lycanthropy for more life and Werewolf for additional AR.

Also don't overdo strength! Your stat points are much better spent in vitality for more life. I'd also max Oak Sage or maybe Heart Of Wolverine...I know they die a lot but their bonusses are just too delicious.

Since you're completely untwinked you're going to have trouble with resists in Hell and maybe Nightmare too:( Pick up rare boots, gloves and belts and hope for something with resists. You probably have to do some MF runs to find some decent equipment or hope you get some lucky first drops.


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i got some good items from trading. i picked up low level uniques that high chars were giving for free. also spending some time in trade games (especially the ones that needed runes/gems) was worth it, coz people trend to give anything if they "really really need" something.

botton line is i got Jalal's Mane (i traded aldurs helm and mace for it. i got mace for free, and traded a mal rune for helm) and IK ogre maul (traded 3 pf gems for it). un fortunately i droped a rune into it. but i guess it could have been worse than -25% target defense...

bonesnap will do untill i can get ik on.
i still got ariocs needle (+4 to all skills), peasant crown and spectral shard (dunno why nobody wants +50% fcr) to trade, so i guess im still gonna get some good items. i'm aiming for a um for the helm, a shael for the mace, 1 ravenfrost, and as u said, resist from belts/gloves/boots. think ik belt would help. i got gravepalm gloves, the only trade i think i was ripped off, it was 2am and i didnt see it gives ar agains undead only :( and i gave 2 or 3 low level runes for it.

except for the mace and helm i still have really really crappy items...

i dont intend to really max sinergy grizzly coz till now he's doing a great job (except when he gets killed in 1 hit), just recasting it is ok. i usually use wolves to spread monsters and keep them away from me.

what ar is reasonble for hell? (now i got -25% target def on maul, either i wanted or not...)
what life ?(with 30+ resists)

thanks fro your time.


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Putting an Eth rune in your Maul wasn't such a bad only need 1 Shael to reach 9/5 Fury and -25% enemy defence is rather nice.

But you can change it if you want...

1 Hel Rune + Scroll of Town Portal + Any Socketed Item = Unsocket that item
Warning: This will destroy any gems, runes, or jewels you have socketed. This is useful if you are not happy with the gems you have socketed and you want to socket the item in another way.

About Attack Rating, I think you need 5000+ to really land hits. Most of my melee characters have gone without about 2000-3000 which kind of sucked but I got through:).

About life, just put enough points in strength to wear your maul and then the rest into Vitality.


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Yes!... If you use Angelic amulet + 2 rings that's 700 AR or something like that. Multiply that with Werewolf's AR % bonus and you're pretty much there. Ravenfrost is also very cool with lots of AR and +dex. Lots of options:)


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untwinked play usually implies no trade, no outside help, and doing all quests yourself. Some muling, or sharing of items with other untwinked chars is usually considered acceptable, since our stash is just too small. since you somehow have got some nice runes like MAL with just a lvl 40ish druid and have obviously doing quite a bit trading and accepted free items from high-lvl chars, your druid's not really untwinked any more.

Starting from scrach is a bit hard. I started and restarted from scratch on 1.10 HCL 3 times, and on 1.10 SCL twice. Since I don't trade in HC and never traded before in SC, you are already in much better shape than I used to be when just started. I'd say: patience will reward eventually. Do some MF, continue to trade for better gear, eventually your Fury druid will be okay in Hell.

BTW, I don't know why 1 pt in Bear isn't enough to you and you need 20pt there - 19 wasted IMO.


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i got for free aldur mace and several realy useless low uniques/set items. never sold an unique/set, no matter how crappy it was. stash and 2/3 of inventory full since level 15.
i found the MAL on cow level normal.

yes, i traded a lot. i spend quite some time in trading games. traded gems and runes to people who need a speciffic one. they trend to give away most of their unused stuff if they "really really need" something. also rune/gem buyers can offer nice low level uniques for a couple of low level runes. i traded more than one unique for a higher item. (traded a few uniques for arioc's spear, almost perfect, and i cant trade it...). im noob, so i dont really know the trade-ability of items (im afraid there may be some good items that were duped a lot and everybody has them, so the price is low for them), so i traded by usability :D

so yes, i am patient :D

aparently i got the "untwinked" term wrong. :(

playing untwinked, by ur definition seems a bit "amish" to me. but its your choice.
when i played SP i had a 90+ sorc with MF, picking up every good item, so my other chars had the best posible equipment available they just had to level up (tarnhelm at lvl 8, full death set at ~lvl 10...). it was fun, but kinda felt lame after that. on the other hand whats the point in finding a lvl 20 item when ur 50? so i guess its all about where u draw the line between fun and fair. its a matter of taste.
and doing quests by yourself... i had enough of that in SP.

anyway this is my first char on battlenet, and i want to have some fun. i doubt u had your first char untwinked (maybe first was untwinked, but second? :D )

anyway, thatks for your time.


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I have had a number of "first" characters over the past few years: in SP and on b-net, on east and west realm, in 1.10 and in previous patches, on ladder and on non-ladder, in HC and in SC, and even in 1.10 beta. Looking back, they were all 100% untwinked: no trade, no external help, all quests done by themselves. I don't trade in HC. I never traded in SC until very recently. I did do muling from these characters, and I did so for 2 reasons 1) I needed to have my 2nd, 3rd... characters and I don't want all of them to be untwinked (if all of them were untwinked, it would take me my whole life to play the number of chars I have played - and perhaps still not enough time) 2) most of the chars were in HC and I would not like to lose the stuff in their stash if they die.

I could do all this b/c I had the time. I don't think this should be the right way of playing d2 to most ppl. even if they can and want to, they may or may not have the time.

Good luck with your druid. Have fun.