Some help me? Pure PVM Zon Build?


Some help me? Pure PVM Zon Build?

can someone help me out on a pure pvm zon build. I've searched and looked around but not found quiet what i need. I mainly do chaos runs and just pvm to level up. I tried making an old school hybrid but it didnt work out so good. I am currently using this gear and it will be on the build i'm inquiring about. thanks!

Giant skull w/ 2 x 40/15's

1650 fort

cats eye


perfect treks

thundergods / nosferatus

manald/5% bk

perfect faith/ and killer Brand bow

I have around 30 x 100 poison sc's

can someone tell me what skills need maxed to get the most killing speed and dmg for chaos and leveling runs. Thanks!


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max strafe or max ms ... max criticial strike...17 in valk i think.

looks like ur fully twinked and shouldnt have trouble clearing chaos.


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- you're going to use faith on the merc and brand on self?
- if not, then i must assume you use mb faith, as with gmb you won't be able to reach 7fpa ms using that setup

- i'd replace drac's with loh's, and manald w/a good single or dual leecher, and use raven instead of bk5 - but i guess your setup would work too, although it's not optimal at all (you'll need atleast one source of cbf though)
- poison dmg,while good in pvp, is not that great in pvm - maxdmg scs/gcs will be much better here since you'll be attacking way to fast for poison dmg to evolve fully, wasting potential - perhaps poison would work better if you used lr wand beforehand but bowzon ain't a necro anyway...

skills: max valk, max penetrate, max strafe (you need this for dia), crit - 65%, pierce - 75%, ms as much as you want (remembe there is an absolute limit this skill can reach, but i wouldn't max it anyway, as it can cause manaleech issues), 1pt freezing arrow (great for crowd control in cow lvl & cs), the rest i would then distribute among d-a-e (about 5pts each)

physical immunes: a weakpoint of this build, but you can't really do much about it - magic/cold arrow is your best bet agains pi, but fortunately they don't appear that often in cs/cow

for successful csruns, you'll also need a lifetap wand - which you'll cast on dia to make the fight easier for you & merc

i'm very experienced w/this stuff so ask away (i have a lvl 96 ladder bowzon on euscl)