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Hey all!

After my unfortunate loss of low level runes (it felt horrible at the time lol), I am back with a wall of text of questions!

I am leveling a sorc as my first char (SP), I have the REMOVED mod and am playing on 1.13d if the version matters. I am currently level 74 Blizzard in NM running Andy, Meph, Pindle and Baal Throneroom. I am not sure when to move on and I have a super good Meph map and a decent worldstone keep one, so this is what I have been running for the last 2 days. I dont really have any gear of note, the best is probably Tal Rasha's belt, a Vipermagi and my spirit sword (so I can have Ancient's Pledge offhand for res). I have also been running countess a whole bunch so I feel like I have some runes, the best being a Lum with 3-5 of lower ones.

Edit 2: I am at 70, 75, 75, 60 in resists in NM

First off, is there a discord for D2 that is somewhat active, where people can answer a fast question or two that pops up while I am playing?

Where is the best place to find a polearm for Indsight?

Is there anything good I am missing out on when progressing to Hell and resetting my maps* edited?

Is there any good reason to gamble before having Gheeds and the bow? I am currently almost on 2x gold cap, since I am picking up and selling the armors.

What kind of aura are well suited for the merc? Am using might currently, and the best answer I found was "Pick between Prayer (with Insight), Might and Holy Freeze". Since I am only cold or at best can cover 2 elements, I figured Might would help my merc kill the immunes I might encounter.

What are some "easy" to obtain drops that I should aim for and where? I see that the tunnels would probably be good in Hell, possibly Andy and Mephisto, but do they drop what I need? I read some of the treasure class levels but I ended up somewhat more confused after.

Also I am pretty confused about all the possible sets, are there some that are generally always good/worth keeping or terrible/never keep them so I can start picking them more selectively? This I have been looking for, but it seems like the best I could find was a list explaining if they were aimed at melee or casters or a specific class.

Edit: I am planning on making a GF Barb, a Hammer or Zealer and a Druid too if this is relevant.

Thank you in advance and thank you for all the great guides and other content on here!
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1. I'm not sure that REMOVED is a forum accepted mod, so I would suggest checking that to be sure.

2. There is no discord to my knowledge, but I would certainly be active if we had one (that is like TS, right?). I am awful with tech.

3. 4os pollards drop in NM (not earlier that I know of), so I would probably just strip your MF and run NM cows or pits.

4. Not sure what you mean.

5. Absolutely! Gamble away, seriously. You should be gambling right from the beginning, covered below. You can easily get some nice res/mf boots and gloves, plus rings, amulets and circlets.

6. I guess you could go might for that reason, but really you don't need to. I generally go for holy freeze, personally.

7. Hit NM Andy/Meph to get things like occulus, chance guards, war travellers, nagels etc. Then hit hell Andy/AT/Meph/Pindle to get stuff like shako, whilst also getting the chance for awesome drops such as DF. If you have GoMule (I advise it), use the drop calculator to get more detailed lists of what is available.

8. Pick up one of everything. Most sets are crap, basically. The class specific sets make fun builds and some set items are generally useful such as trang gloves and tal helm. Once you've got all of the sets, just keep the high end items.
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I would start by just moving into hell and learning the ropes as you go. Most decent gear and bases are more common anyway.


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Welcome aboard! I would suggest reading the stickies first. Familiarize yourself with FAM and how mods like REMOVED might affect trade or MP. Once you're up to speed, I would echo @japanzaman and say just get one character through Hell and beat the game. Once you do the things listed above you'll have a really good handle on the game and be able to make an informed decision.
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You don't have to beat the game in hell mode right now, but for a L74 blizzard sorc (and assuming softcore), it's time to proceed to hell Meph and visit him and Andy a few hundreds of time. This works better without a merc, so you don't have to worry about a good polearm for Insight at this point. Just take any exceptional or elite one with four sockets (don't use tha Larzuk reward for that!) and matching requirements, ethereal or not. The runes are easy to find, so as soon as you find a better polearm, make another Insight right away.

When you have a good amount of what these two can drop (which should have also brought you to about L87), change to the act 2 Tunnels (below the lost City). That's where you can proceed beyond L90 and you will soon find a good Insight polearm there as well. In parallel, you could try to reach act 5 and free Anya, so you get the inherent 10% bonus to resists and access to the Nihlathak portal. Pindleskin is just waiting to be defeated a a thousand times or more!

For doing quests, I suggest to avoid as many fights as possible at first and just do those quests which earn you rewards or are unavoidable for proceeding to the place you want to visit. You can do the rest later, when you and your merc are stronger.

Your merc doesn't need that much killing power, he just has draw the attention of the enemies, provide auras and survive the whole while your sorc need safe and stable conditions for getting things done. Take a holy freeze merc! The only kills which the merc has to perform are cold-immunes, but you will choose MF places where there are mostly none of them. In the Tunnels, only a few occasional bosses are immune, so after you killed the minions, you will pin the cold-immune boss to a wall with telekinesis, so your merc can kill it rather safely, even if he has not the best gear. If that takes too long, leave the boss alone and move on. It's not about defeating enemies, it's about getting loot and experience quickly. No tournament, but business!

I'm gambling for rings and coronets and sometimes amulets.


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Thank you all for your help!

I just came back to the game today and I proceeded to get to Meph, Hell is really something else, I might have made a mistake when I made a only cold sorc. Dropping the merc also saved me a ton of pots on him, so that was nice too!

@Kitteh You were right, REMOVED was not an accepted mod, so I changed it with two others, seems like a little more hassle for the same results but oh well.

I got myself an Edge bow for the gambling, atm I am also gambling for gloves because mine are pretty horrible. I got 2p of Tal Rasha from Meph and the tunnels, seems like good advice to save them for later when I got some more gear/levels, the clearing speed was not too good.

Is it worth it to use the respecs to farm Countess or is it fine as Blizz when the Merc gets some more gear and hits harder?

I dont know how rare they are, but I laughed when I got a 6socket polearm before I have seen a 4socket.

Edit: Also the Holy Freeze Merc rocks! What should I be using my socket quest from A5 on then? A superior monarch shield?
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Save your socket quests for uniques/sets. If you find a monarch use the cube recipe to get sockets in it. I find Monarchs fairly often and the crafting material is easy to come by. You may not get four sockets the first time, and each one can only be rolled once, but you do have a better chance at four sockets than one, two, or three.

Those socket quests are extremely valuable so only use them with caution. I will usually use a respec once I get some good gear and reach the point of farming hell. Knowing I will respec later lets me put points in skills early on to help level faster that I may not use late game.


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I get what you are saying about the one mod not being accepted since having multiple tabs would be awesome. But, it allows certain things that are not acceptable. One thing you will find out about this forum is that we are sticklers for playing legit.


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@Stridshorn get more gear pieces for your mercenary sir :) nm andariel and mephisto can drop a lot of good items to boost the survivability of your mercenary. If you find a solo cold sorceress too hard in hell (i can imagine) you can always look for a meteorb guide:

20 Frozen orb
11 Cold Mastery
1 frozen armor
+ all prereq

1 teleport
1 static
+ all prereq

1 warmth
1 fire bolt
20 fire ball
20 Meteor
as much as you can in fire mastery (the rest!)

This is my current sorc and i can beat any char in the game (except for fire/cold immunes but i static those and let the merc handle them :))

With + skills from runewords like spirit (spirit broad sword + spirit monarch(need 156 str for this!!!) and things like viper magi shako (or lore(ort+sol in a 2 socketed helm)) you can get through hell /p1 with no problems at all.

for your information, i run meph (moat trick) andy, pindle, ancient tunnels, nihlatak (need to get to 99 somehow) and CS with no problems at all the only thing that is remotely harder is the baal minions as they can spawn fire/cold immune but even those are very doable with the gear i described above.

edit: a link to her matriarch thread :) including skill and stat point readouts here


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@Stridshorn, any mention of REMOVED is an instant deletion of those chars that have come into contact with it, as well as any gears assoc. with it, irrespective of what has been said here. If you want to trade here, REMOVED is a NO_NO. If you want to post here, REMOVED is a NO_NO. You need to check with Thy, the moderator.
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Not only is that mod not accepted except for muling in Median, PLEASE don't post the name of it here. All of you; it isn't accepted even in replies.


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Dont know why I didn't get notified of new replies, so sorry for being back so late.

Oh shit I really didn't know how bad I had screwed up with using that. I guess I will have to scrap the char and start over, because I would very much love to trade some day when I find something useful! Is deleting the char and gear enough or should I reinstall the game?

Also @BKC I had tried that back when I played ladder like 7 years ago, and it seemed to be quite slow, would you recommend that or would a cold sorc be fine for running bosses and getting basic items to try and trade up for an Infinity at some point?

Edit: Just to clarify, I had no ill intention of using the mod, I just asked in a stream for a mule mod for single player, so that is all I had been using it for
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If I understand the rules correctly, you should reinstall D2 with a Vanilla installation and only apply the FAM, such as GoMule and RWM if you're planning to trade, participate in tournaments and post about your accolades.


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Cold sorc is indeed the way to go. Quick tips for getting started quickly would be:
- Start the game with /players 8 and don't lower it unless you run into trouble. Such as Andariel, she might be tricky, even with static.
- If you're on 1.13 or later, don't be afraid to use stats and skills you know you won't need in hell. Such as more than 1pt static
- Get an act 2 merc as soon as you're in act 2. He'll do the heavy lifting until you unlock Blizzard at lvl 24
- Get the cube as soon as you're in act 2
- Keep every chipped gem until you're in act 3. Mule them off if need be. Mule them back on to buy cheap wands/short staves/scepters from Akara, cubing them with 3 chip recipe, and sell for 15k in act 3. (Staffmods will take care of that). Use this money to gamble for a circlet for your merc. Look for big elemental damage, leech, life or resistances.
- As soon as you see one in the gambling screen (typically around lvl 18-20), get a pike for your merc. Reroll with 3chip if its stats are horrible.
- any diamond + any staff + any belt + kris = "Savage" polearm. These can be savage indeed, as they may roll exceptional polearms. Likely your first upgrade over a pike for the merc.
- If you're in act 5 before you're lvl 25, you are underleveled. Go back a tad to level. Fake tombs work well, perhaps flayer jungle too.
- Run pindle or baal minions until blizzard is maxed. NM should be a breeze by then.

- If using the runeword mod, stop by the countess to get the runes for spirit sword, insight polearm, lore helm (if you don't already have a circlet which beats it) and possibly cube 3 IO runes to LUM to get a smoke armor going (big resists). Stealth armor should be what you already wore, unless you found something like vipermagi off Baal.
- Get to act 2 ASAP to get a might merc. Might merc with insight will kill as good as any cold immune you may run into.
- Due to a bug, if you talk to Warriw after killing Andariel (like you have to do to get to act 2) in the same game (like you normally would), then she'll always drop rare or better items, and never bolts/potions/keys etc. She also has the best chance of dropping a SoJ in the entire game. Worth running for some basic gear, and much quicker than meph. Meph can drop some interesting stuff Andariel can't, though, basically Occulus and Skullder's.
- Act 5 can level you to the early 70's without getting really slow.

- For fast leveling and MF, there are two good targets: Pindle and Meph. However, you'll need to be careful with pindle, as he can easily oneshot your merc. Use Glacial Spike as your first spell to lock the minions down. Leveling on Pindle is great until about lvl 90, then slows down until it becomes a waste of time at lvl 94-95. By this time you should be running Ancient Tunnels anyway, or decide you have levels enough.
- Andariel can be bugged in the same way as mentioned earlier, but is a LOT more dangerous in hell. Again, this is up to your merc and your skills in repositioning him with teleport. Fastest way of getting Shako, Vamp Gaze (for merc) and Skullder's.
- Between them, Tyrael's Might is the ONLY unique/set which neither Pindle nor Meph can drop. Go for the easy kills until you feel ready for Ancient Tunnels.



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In addition to helvete's input, this is a really great thread. You're presumably not going to play it single pass, but the methods still apply for getting yourself up and running. I particular, I tend to get good results from cubing rings and amulets, +skill amulets and magic find mostly, plus some 30 or 40 res pieces. Definitely read it though :)


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@helvete I've been playing for over a decade and now you're telling me the chippy recipe puts automods on staves and scepters? Do you realize how many hours I've spend muling chippies because I didn't have anything useful to do with them? My mind is officially blown. I might have to roll an untwinked character now just for this reason.