some fc advice

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some fc advice

Thanks to the generosity of a friend I've gotten back into the game not so long ago, and have been playing a wolf and most recently a fire-claws bear. The latter has been especially fun so far - lopping through death lords like a wolf through those silly run-around-while-casting-hammers types.

I've even gone as far as to consider trying my hand at dueling with this guy, which is where I'd like to beseech the venerable and knowledgeble druids among the forum on a few points if you all may be so obliged:

1) Having gone through coldarmy's guide and a few other of the forum discussions it seems like there are a couple choices for armour, either between +skills like chains of honor, or for a -fire resistance socketed type. I can't recall which discussion it came up in, but the +skills would outway the % fire damage on Ormus' robes, but a solid -resist may offset absorb? (although I believe ToThePoint noted it's not terribly hard to stack some charms to counteract this)

b) Would putting a point into shockwave be of any utility? Is it any of any use in pvp besides maybe locking up summons?

iii) If I do opt to use a coh or enigma along with stormshield, and possible throw a ber in the Jalal's, would an arachnid mesh be useful, or really worth it for the +skill to pump fc damage a bit more? (I'm thinking of balancing the last synergy - probably boulder - with some more points in lycanthropy, hence the consern with eeking out a little more damage)

Thanks for taking a look, there's a bit there. Also it may be worth noting I know this isn't going to win every match, but I'm looking for something fun to try which may occasionally turn some heads (besides I've already perplexed a few people in runs since my name makes me sound like a windy).