Some Druid advice if you don't mind


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Some Druid advice if you don't mind

Hello, and thanks for clicking my thread. My latest character is Druid called Sakura, possibly a hybrid, based on Summoning skills. My skill point investment looks like this at clvl 45:

20 Dire Wolf (393-427 damage, 940 after +skills)
10 HoW (139%ed after +skills)
11 Grizzly
4 pre reqs

1 Werewolf
1 Lycantrophy
1 Feral Rage

65 Strenght
136 Dexterity (more for blocking, thinking about leaving it to 50%)
xxx Vitality (hopefully sick amounts)
Base Energy

My equip concentrates on Summoning skills, but also includes melee mods.

Act 2 NM Offensive a.k.a. Might when it becomes possible.
Weapon: Hone Sundan 'ShaelShaelAmn'
Armor: "dunno", the usual I guess
Helm: "dunno", the usual I guess

Basically I just summon the Wolves and spirit with Dark Clan Crusher and Sigon's shield (+3) and then switch to Moser's and Fleshrender, turn into a wolf and start smacking demons along with my Dire wolves. No complaining, it's funny as skiing, but I need advice.

1) I'll max Grizzly first for 10%ed bonus, then HoW for 7%ed bonus. After those, should I max Spirit wolves, or is 10 or 15 points enough? Summoner guide in the Druid sticky says that the wolves will have trouble hitting monsters in Hell even with HoW. Any thoughts, knowledge?

2) Well, now when I've done something to those Spirit wolves, should I add some one point wonders? Get more life by adding points to Lycantrophy? Add a healthy amount of points to Feral Rage to get nice bonuses? I'd really like to make this a hybrid, because standing back there recasting HoW once in a while is just so not me (it's fun though, good way to read forums), nor is shooting arrows. I want to be part of the action! I want to swing my cute furry paws, scratch, slit throats! The benefits of going to Werewolf and using Feral Rage:
-More life
-Cute wolf look ^^
-Faster attack speed
-Faster run/walk, better life leech, better AR
The strategy in combat would be: hit 'em with Lawbringer PB to proc slvl 15 Decrepify with 20% chance, switch to a bit chunkier weapon and make them "ouch", or bleed, or prevent their healing, or something. I don't know what I want from my switch weapon. More thoughts?

I wish I got my 3os Phase Blade from the trade forum soon, it's getting frustrating because I don't want to proceed to Nightmare without the Lawbringer, but I'd so much want to because the build is great fun.


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Hmmm, I think it might be a neat idea to sacrifice a few skill points for my crushing blow to make your melee more effective (particularly vs. bosses)

I don't think your physical damage can possibly be all that good without a heavy investment in a melee skill, so that's just an idea I'm gonna throw out


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An old favourite weapon of mine, is the steeldriver, unique great maul. It's fast, it provides excellent damage, and it's very light because of the -60% requirements mod. Hit them with Lawbringer, get the decrepify going, and switch out to your nasty hammer. It is obviously a two handed weapon, but you will do more damage, meaning you will leech more, making you generally more survivable.


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my Hybrid did

20 Dire Wolf
20 Grizzley
20 HOW
20 Fury

Preqs with anything spare in Lycanthropy (not much).

Used a Might Merc.

Crushing blow from Goblin Toe (preferred to Gore for 25%) and I think a light sabre and Storm shield with summoning stuff on switch.

He completed Hell (did Baal on players 8 but not the rest) without dieing or save exit.

I found that the Dire Wolves started to die a bit too quick in later Hell - somewhere around act 3 or 4 if I remember correctly and I switched more and more to Grizzley.

I wouldn't bother with Sprit Wolves.

Have you seen this - look at the dmage boost grizzley with HOW and a Might merc gives your Dire Wolves!:smiley: :


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Sorry to hear about the Dire wolves' bad performance later on. I so hoped that they could handle it... About the link, I bookmarked that page couple days ago from the Druid forums. Thank you anyways, great page.

"- -to sacrifice a few skill points for my crushing blow- -" If only to get CB from a skill :rolleyes: But you meant equipment slots, right? Maybe the CB is the best job for me, you're right there.

I figured out that Steeldriver would've been a great weapon at clvl 29, but I just noticed that Ribcracker pwns that weapon pretty easily, and the req. level isn't that much higher. But that tip pointed me to a some sort of direction with the weapon choice, thank you :wink:

Forgive me for jumping to a new subject quickly like this:
No one has argued about these skills, so I'm going to do it, by myself. I was looking at Hunger and Feral Rage yesterday. The attacks per frame are, well, something (I tried to compare some bear - Hunger, and wolf - Feral Rage numbers but failed miserably). I'm bad at testing these.
The AR bonuses are pretty much the same. Hunger provides 176% life and mana stolen at slvl 20 at the cost of 75% of physical damage. Feral Rage gives 4-**% life stolen at slvl 20, but doesn't suffer from diminishing returns. The ll, AR bonus and damage grows steadily 4/10/5. FR/W receives 2%, possibly 1% more every 2 levels.
My hasty conclusion: Hunger is a great one point wonder, not worth maxing because of the diminishing returns, but Feral rage could be the ultimate pwnzor leech skill when maxed, and I'm just going to try it, with 1H + shield, without that much CB at first. But if and when I notice that my idea doesn't work, I'll move to the CB tactics...

-Person who is still missing the 3os Phase blade


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OK, I guess the meaning of my post was a bit fuzzy when I said "sacrifice some skill points." What I meant was to replace some equipment (where your skills would come from) in order to get some CB.

With CB, due to replacing some of your old equipment, you'll have weaker wolves, so you'll need to decide whether it's worth it, and if it is worth it, how far you're willing to go with it.


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Ah, yes, how foolish I was there.
But the balance... Boots are definately reserved for CB, gloves too, maybe. Armor, don't know. I don't have good +skills armors so Duress would be pretty good choice, but I'm kind of loving the Guardian Angel I'm using, comes with great blocking mods and the +max resistance is just godly. Helm won't be any other than Jalal's. I think the rest is up to weapon choice.

Well, off to Phase Blade hunt, cross your fingers, hope the best, maybe we see some progress with this character some day.


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just an idia you might want to try out but for your gloves dracs would work quite well for this build, you could run in open wounds a couple of eermys and get life tap goin and your wolfs would then have godly leach and the enermys would weaken quickly due to ow


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Can a druid's summons be prebuffed?

I thought I heard from someone somewhere sometime that this did not work for druids, that they revert back to the levels of your current equipment when they teleport around and stuff.

Am I mistaken?

Oh, and sorry for making it seem like Im hijacking this thread, I just needed clarification for the ongoing discussion.


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Some updating: Sakura is now at level 64, smashed Mephisto's soulstone and picked up the Um and the Pgem that wasn't Amethyst.
The last Phase Blade hunt in Hell Tombs with Grim was worth it; Nature's Peace (9 PDR more and SMRiP mod for her) from sparkly chest and, most importantly, white Phase Blade which was cube socketed and received 3 sockets (previous six ones weren't as lucky). Actually shouted "In your face!" when I realized I finally had it. Very frustrating hunt it was in whole...

Yes, I'm giving them a try. Extra strenght is good (allows me to dump 3 STR charms) and OW too, I just don't know how the curse works. Is Decrepify stronger than Life tap and override it, and how well I can keep certain monster decrepified and other tapped to maintain killing speed and my wolves. Shouldn't be a problem, just a question mark.

No hijacking suspections raised... Never actually heard this, but I'd like to know it, because I'm prebuffing/recasting them with +3 skills and would be great to know if it's no use. Doesn't matter that much because I'm going to dump the +3 soon anyway for alternative weapon + shield. But still, would like to know.


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im pretty sure decrep, and life tap will override each other. Dont know which would help more though


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I've been searching through the druid forum, as my hunter druid is just getting to a stage where I need some insight and stumbled across this note regarding prebuffing of summons

Originally Posted by [B]Kristy[/B] 
A) Level 5 grizzly has 70-100 base damage and a passive bonus of 65%.
This means the grizzly damage will be: 70*1.65 to 100*1.65
Grizzly damage will be: 115 to 165

B) If you add +2 skills after he is summoned you seem to keep the 65%
 passive damage bonus but the base damage will revert to that of level 7,
 namely 90 to 120. 
The final damage of your grizzly will revert to: 90*1.65 to 120*1.65
Grizzly real damage: 149 to 198 
Grizzly indicated damage from the level 7 description: 166 to 222

Recasting the Grizzly at level 7 sets the damage to: 166 to 222

C) If you now remove the +2 skills to go back from level 7 to level 5 
you seem to keep the 85% passive damage bonus but the base damage reverts 
back to that of level 5, namely 70 to 100.
The final damage of your grizzly will revert to: 70*1.85 to 100*1.85
Grizzly real damage: 130 to 185 
Grizzly indicated damage from the level 5 description: 115 to 165

[B]Pre-buffing thus seems to help but only for the passive damage increase,
not for the base damage. Since only the passive damage bonus will be pre-
buffed, HoW, might, concentration, fanaticism don't benefit from high level
recasts and gear switches.[/B]
So there are some justification in prebuffing to receive xtra passive damage bonus's. Just thought I'd share.