Some Diablo 3 Achievements are Bugged + Work Around


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Some Diablo 3 Achievements are Bugged + Work Around

[caption id="attachment_381158" align="alignright" width="350"] Top Achievers in the IncHC Europe clan.[/caption]The quiet week for Blues continues with a technical support post sharing a workaround for a bug with Achievements.

About the Unique collection achievement, yesterday I killed 3, they got uncheck after I log out. This morning those 3 got cheked again so I went hunting and got another 5 killed. Now these 5 got uncheked like before. Still missing one but what the point in finding it if this crap continues.
Tsarnis: We've heard a few reports about this as well, and while we are still investigating this achievement in particular, one workaround we have found that helps ensure that you retain progress for this is to make sure you stay logged in for 5 to 10 minutes after completing each criteria item. This isn't ideal, but this seems to be a viable workaround. [source][/source]

I read this and realize that I have no idea if I have these achievements. In fact, I'm certain that most/all of my Achievements could hang up on bugs without me knowing, since I never look at them. Which isn't to say I disapprove of people who do; I sometimes sort our IncGamers Hardcore clans on US and EU by achievements, and there are multiple players with over 10k in achievement points, which amazes me as I've played all the classes and quite a bit of Seasonal (thus doubling up a lot of achievement points) and I'm barely over 8000.

Do you guys enjoy achievements? Grind for them? Value them for great justice?

If not, what changes (if any) would you like to see to Achievements? I hadn't really thought about it until now, but if there were tangible game rewards, not just the number on your account, I'd probably care more about them.

What if every 500 or 1000 achievement points got you double MF/GF/EXP for an hour, or a day? What if there was some short duration buff every time you pinged a new 'chieve? Or would such direct bonuses be impure and unclean, and detract from the holy purity of earning achievements purely for their own sake? (Plus the E-PEEN, of course.)

Update: Added a vote, spurred by comments debating in-game Achievement bonuses.

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I really enjoyed achievments back in Vanilla day. It kept playing for a long time trying to finish those (I reached 97% but never really finished). The best achievements were those that requires a bit of thinking to figure how to make them (how to kill 30 monsters in one blow with this skill, how to spend X amount of fury in less than 10 seconds...).
Some were pure farm and not really fun (gold amount, 100,000 demons killed with the DH, hunting unique monsters or Bashiok...) but most of them were rather nice to hunt.
Finally a bad point of achievements in Vanilla was that they never changed. When they introduced new mechanism (Monster Power for example), they never introduced corresponding achievements. So there was no achievement for the most difficult parts of the game (like killing Diablo in Inferno-MP10).

Now, in RoS, I think they kind of missed the spot. The worst part for me is that you have to redo some of the achievements you already did (because they had to be done on a certain difficulty level and you have to start again). And many achievements are now just stupid farm with some insanely huge numbers (heal for 1 billion hit points, make zillions of bounties or rifts...). Finally, you are forced to level two crusaders, one of each sex which is not fun to me.


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About the only reason I even play D3 anymore (when I do, which isn't much anymore, to many other games take up my time), is for achievements.

To me, achievements are a completable, finite goal..something D3 kinda lacks. I get the achievement and I'm done.

It's also a way to get to experience all of what the game has to offer at one time or another. See nearly all the lore, explore every corner of every area...achievements are great at keeping track.

Some of them are 'challenging' and add a little extra fun to the game. Trying to kill one target while not killing others, or trying to kill them all in one attack, etc.

Overall achievements are one of my favorite things about games, for two purposes. One for tracking personal accomplishment, and two for bragging. =P


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I like collecting achievements (even if I'm not very good at it). It's a nice change of pace if I can decide "OK, today I'll do some speed run achievements", get some suboptimal speed gear, switch to normal difficulty and forget about greater rifts for a day.
Everyone likes to brag so it would be nice if our achievements were displayed online in our profiles like it is (used to be?) in WoW where you could read a list of all achievements with a tabs, timestamps and everything.


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"One cannot have enough Achievement-Points" -- by me... obviuosly.

I like your idea of rewards for them, Flux... e-peen is nice and all, but there's missing something to them... Banner rewards, yay.
I also agree with Malaterre, the grinding achievements aren't that much fun except for the ones do to with opening chests or taking healing wells. Especially when playing with friends! It's like D2 again - grab grab grab.

But really I first started playing achievements out of boredom, to have something to do when you're not getting the gear upgrades you need to progress.
Another valid point for them, is though, that you kind of have the feeling to have experienced -everything- in the game there is... to milk it to it's core. For instance with finding the rare lore books in Act 5.

Season achievements seem kind of dull to me, btw. I really just care about the overall-achievement points. Wondering still how they're gonna fuse the points at the end of the season. (?)

TL;DR: Achievements can be fun.


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Adding rewards to them that are more than cosmetic would beat the point and make them feel mandatory. Players often feel that they have to go for the optimum, even if they don't like it (gearswap for magic find, yay), so that's a sure way to take the fun out of the game for everyone who doesn't like achievements (and people who like them already have fun doing them, so there is little gain for them).


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I believe that achievemnets is a waste of time because nothing is achieved when you get them.

You make a few adjustments to your banner oh so what it didnt add anything to game!!

If there was a kind rewards such as those Flux mention, you double the MF / GF / EXP for an hour, or a day. So, it would immediately be more interesting. as it is now I do not notice what I can change my banner is purely cosmetic and nothing else, just like the little blue pet you can run around with, almost fool and no practical use

Tenshiro Nova

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*waves at camera* I'm internet famous, yay! I'm actually surprised I made it in the top 5 as achievements is not one thing I was going for this season.

Before Seasons started, I always decorated my banner using the rewards from the achievements I was most proud of or which I considered to be the most challenging to get, even if I got them early on.

One of my first issues soon became "I wish I had more than one banner..." and while this is still the case I'm enjoying the idea of having vanity items (like wings and pets) or transmog sets for the extra hardcore achievement hunters.

Still, it will be a very proud personal moment when my banner will have all of the Bounty and Rift rewards.


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I farm achievements because they're a finite and completable goal. I'm always working towards one while I play.

The achievements basically tend to complete themselves as long as you do the following: level each class to 70, play T6, and play grifts up to 30. Which is all stuff I want to do anyway. Beyond that some achievements require significant farming, but good strategy and achievement communities make it manageable.

Diablo has always been about more. Better gear to kill stronger monsters all to get more gear! Greater Rifts for the first time give you a way to measure your progress as a function of the monsters you can kill. The old way to measure your success as a Diablo player is the value of your stash. Achievements are third way.