Some bowazon questions


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Some bowazon questions

Artisan's Tiara of the Whale
3 sockets and 80-100 life

It would be great for my bowazon but are those mods possible to spawn on circlets ? (I know the suffix but is the prefix possible too ?)

another question: Which jewels would be the best to socket in it :

ed/ias jewels or all res/ias ?

The only things I'll get resistances from are fortitude and anya quests (faith if I ever get one) so if I would socket a helm like that with resist/ias jewels I wouldn't need as many resistance scs but which ones add more dmg, ed jewels or +max charms ?


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More damage is king. But tell us about the rest of your gear so we can let you know what we think you need most.


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Fortitude Dusk Shroud
Faith GMB (don't have it yet but I'm trying to get one)
20 IAS gloves
Nosferatu's Coil
2x Raven
Mavina's Circlet with ias jewel unless I get a helm close to the one above
Gore Rider

Don't have any charms yet, but I guess I'll try to get them with +max/resistances with run/walk, life or fhr.


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But what about circlets because they often have different prefixes/suffixes than regular helmets.