Some advice on a smiter?


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Some advice on a smiter?

Ive searched the forums and the strategy compendium and even the bnet forums (madness :) ) and I really cant find much info on making a smite-based paladin.

Before I even get advice, Let me tell you what I would like to do with him. This is NOT a pvp build, and I want to use smite mainly to take down bosses (with crushing blow to help of course). And have some other supplimental skills to help along the way.

So that being the case, can a smiter be viable in pvm? What other supplimental skills should I invest in? Lastly, Is there a "best" shield and other equipment for the build?

Sorry if there already is a pvm smiter guide out there somewhere, I just couldnt find it :)


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I haven't played my smiter yet but here's some of what I have planned:

Skillwise I'll aim for: 20 Smite, 20 Holy Shield, 20 Fanaticism (don't even know if aura's work with smite, I guess they do), 20 Zeal, 1 Vengeance

Itemwise I'll use my Redeemer (+92 damage or whatever it was is gonna be good for smite), lots of crushing blow and stuff like that.

Best shield is probably an upgraded HoZ. Failing that I think any elite shield will be okay.

edit: In contrast to what the guy below me says I wouldn't say pure smite is "bad" for pvm. It's just a single target attack, much like berserk, vengeance, and many others. If you want to make a smiter it's definetly viable, that much I can say without even having my guardian yet... But it is true that it's not the fastest char around. Then again, it doesn't have to be.