Some Advice from the experts


Some Advice from the experts


I have let all my characters expire and like just about everyone else in these forums i have come back to this game.

what is the best character to start with that i can create quickly and is not item dependant for some quick boss running. i have not a single item of any value

I hate
Sorcs and Hammerdins
Fishymancers are very slow

i was thinking of a maybe a tesladin or a frost zealot
or a windy druid
or maybe a lightning assassin

could you please give me your thoughts as just looking at this thread you can tell that i need your wisdom. viability in hell is hard without items although viability in NM with nothing is achievable.

thanks very much


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Wouldn't call myself an expert, but here my suggestion...


Windy is also good choice, but will require a bit more equiq to be really effective in hell.


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Fishymancer's are hardly slow. They're one of the fastest killers in the game IMO. My fishy can run any boss in less than 3 minutes flat, and I'm not even using Enigma.
If you want to get back into the game, build a Fishy or a Meteorb for MF'ing, then go from there when you find the gear you like.
I also recommend the Zealot. Lots of fun there too.


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I'd go with a Bowzon. Don't need great gear and if you do low dmg the Valk could be your meat tank.


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Bowazons don't need great gear. Hell, the Witch Wild String is the weapon of choice for most bowazons/strafezons, and that bow is relatively common.


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Even if you don't like sorcs, I would suggest getting a Meteorb up, since those are pretty darn good without any expensive end game gear.


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Being an EX-Hc player, I'd suggest a traps assassin(light) or a Windy. Honestly doesn't require much, just get +skills and you should be fine.



thanks for the advice.
a few words. unless you follow the cold/fire tree then bow amazons require good gear simple as that.

fishymancers can be poor in hell most people tell me that then only go for revives.

windy druids are great for normal/NM but a bit poor in hell

frost Zealot viable but need good physical damage for backup in hell.

trapsin maybe again bit poor in hell.

Tesla good but again need a physical backup.

Sorcs how i loathe them, sorry for saying so


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1) Zons need good gear period.

2) Wind druids are not weak. Even with 3k tornado, you can still cut down most monsters (very few PI) to size since its phyiscal damage. With Insight, you can spam nados with impunity.

3) Frostzealot do not need alot of physical damage. Just some crushing blow, 50% is more than sufficient.

4) Trapsin no way are they weak in hell. They have mindblast which is absolutely powerful even when facing immunes plus there is death sentry and fireblast. That is 3 forms of damage over here. Physical, Lit and fire. Downside, they really need the +skills to shine.

5) Tesla. Again anything with CB.

Best bet will be a Conviction Zealot. With Conviction and any solid elemental damage weapon (gimmershred = 1 to 5 pgems cost) you can walk through most monster with little thought.