Som questions on PvP faith bowzon


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Som questions on PvP faith bowzon

Here we go:
I don´t know what faith to buy, whether in a mb or a gmb. How many IAS will I need to hit last bp´s with both bows?
Second q, is andariels helm any good for bowa? Or the only way to go is 120/45 circ? Or even rare 2ama/dex/sox/frw one?
Antoher q, which combo would perform better: HL+gores, HL+WT, cat+gores or cat+wt?
And the last q, are 100pdsc worth using or shall I focus on getting max/ar/lifers?


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First of all I am no expert at bowazon pvp but will try my best to help you on this. Just making sure you aware of it, in pvp you only deal 1/6 of your damage to other player.

Therefore a Gmb seems much better suited to me for pvp.

ias breakpoints for gmb are as folow with fanatism lv12;

0%ias = 11fps
8%ias= 10fps
24%ias= 9fps
50%ias= 8fps
99%ias= 7fps

ias breakpoints with gmb and a fanatism lv 15;

0%ias= 11fps
6%ias= 10fps
22%ias= 9fps
46%ias= 8fps
92%ias= 7fps

Andariel helms isn't bad if you can't afford a 120/45 but again since the ias required is pretty high the 120/45 is very usefull and will get you even more damage. Need more ias and can't afford the above, try a mavina's circlet with ias jewel. Or any 3 socket helms with ias jewels.

If making your amazon strictly for pvp you should be maxing critical strike and therefore almost forget the need of deadly strike on gear.Critical strike doesn't add to deadly strike vie versa. While dueling you willl be using guided arrow, thus no need for incredible attack rating.
So cat eyes and war travs sems much beter suited to me.The small damage added from travs is added to your bow base damage and is pretty cool imho.

For the poison damage sc vs the dmg/ar/life I must admit I am a bit biased since I really despise poison damage since it works on length of time. If you don't know how poison works heres a quick explanation.

Poison gets applied every time you hit your target and reset every time you hit target, it does not stack. If you attack at 7fps meaning 3 times a second and hit poison damage are not that important compare to direct higher damage applied with max dmg small charms.

The poison scs could still be very usefull vs some people wich have real low poison resist or against energy shield sorcs, since poison is about the only type of damage that goes thru the energy shield.

In case you would still prefer using a matriarchal bow here are the breakpoints for fana lv12 ;

0%ias =9fps
18%ias= 8fps
48%ias= 7fps

And with a lv15 fanatism;

0%ias= 9fps
15%ias= 8fps
44%ias= 7fps

I hope this helped you out, don't forget to take a look in the amazon stickied guide thread for others people opinions.

If I made any mistake with my info regarding breakpoints or anything please anyone reading this let me know.


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well that was exactly what I was looking for... I just ask, is it really such a difference between gmat and mbow in terms of damage? And why do bowzons use 160/60 armor when fort is a lot better and +60 ias is not needed at all and according to your numbers cat (20) nos (10) gloves (50) and helm (45) is enough to hit last bp?


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you shouldnt be using 160/60 on a Mat bow zon. You dont even need to use it for a GMB zon but some people like to use helm and belt slots for seomthing else. Both can use fort.

The difference in GMB and MA is your playing style. I'm not one for pure damage because i like speed and flexibility. Therefore, i like to use a mat bow so i could switch things around. It is less damage but you're shooting faster and can use different gear to help out your needs.

People who want raw power could use GMB and most people do. But you cant really switch around your gear around too much because you need that 95 ias. Either one could work i just like Mats better.


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Well i incline to Mat bow aswell... just last q, could any of you (or just anyone) post damage of gmb faith and mb faith? just curious