SOJs sold to merchants


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SOJs sold to merchants

i have just got a message saying "x amount of sojs have been sold to traders"

wot happens?



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dont leave the game!!!

Edit: dont post the game name an pasword. diablo clone will be spanwn in this game maybe soon. Try to get a frind in this game which can kill the clone for you. It would be your first anny.

there are idle tricks to keep your game open. Go to harrogath right in north of your stash above the stairs and cklick on it. if you are in the right place you shoud be permanently running onto your stash.

if you have noone only post realm, core, and ladder or not

Edit: works only on hell, sorry


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i am in normal difficulty and it said it whilst i was in act 4 river of flame. Do u not need to be in hell for uber diablo?


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Can someone pls translate what Seralph said above?

I've seen this msg 2-3 times but had no idea it meant anything. I just thought it was some idle chat/trade bleedover, or something like that.

So what's a clone Diablo? Or are you all pulling newbie legs? :tongue:


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The message just means that someone sold an Soj on your server. When this happens, there's a chance that the server will generate an event with a superpowerful clone of Diablo. When you see a message such as "Diablo works the Earth," go to a map with a super unique monster. You will find that the super unique has turned into a clone of Diablo.

If you defeat this clone, he'll drop a unique charm called the Annihulus. It's a very valuable charm with very nice mods.


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When enough SOJ are sold in games on the same server, you will se the message "diablo walks the earth" and
the Diablo clone/ Uber Diablo, see, will spawn instead of the first unique monster you encounter.

He will spawn on every Hell game on that server where the SOJ's are sold.
When killed he will drop the annihilus unique charm,

When he had spawned on a server, he will spawn again when 75-125 SOJ more are sold.

So you need to know the last count when he spawned. If he just spawned five counts ago, and you only see one count in maybe 1-2 hours its probably just people selling randomly and you can potentially wait for a very very long time.

Some times people go together to collect 125 SOJ and then sell them all together so they can controll when to spawn him.

edit: OK, much the same as Lyrs