SoH question


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SoH question

ok i was just wonderin what the Standard of Heroes does, if anything.
ive heard that it ups the drop rate for keys and ive heard that it does nothing, but im having trouble findin any info on it.
if someone could help me here id apreciate it


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It does nothing.

I estimate that there are roughly 278,655,312 threads on this topic in these forums. Unfortuneately, SOH is only 3 letters long, so you can't search for it.


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Generally anything you hear on bnet is not true, but for the particular case of "it does nothing", it is correct.


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well that sux. lol got to lvl 90 4 nothin
How so?
High level characters are great to show off, and you've stuck with something until you finished it; not something many battlenetians do.