soem type of scam is trying to approach our forums?


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some type of scam is trying to approach our forums?

hi to all

i've started to observe some strange activity on etf forums: some relatively new members have tried to post threads asking to confirm new dupe hacks linking it to outside sites like youtube. they did it and they got banned instantly. what a shame to mods, because we all might learn from this!

success hit me today: i was faster then mods to get to this type of thread. and i saw the link. and i just clicked it. faster then mods deleted it.

i was there and i saw: some type of program(s) letting you to make a dupes. i saw many advertising, but no possibility to leave any comments for a such "nice" utility...

i just saw:
take the program from the third party site.
install it. use it.
and if you need we can help you to make it run correctly for you.

i saw advertising:
no virus inside.

what a generous guys out there giving virus free wonder program!!!
what are they showing there just works fine. for them. and for you - there is some different type of activity from this program.

the problem is: this program is a huge keylogger inside your system. it manages every run of your diablo game and takes any keystrokes what you enter in the logging screen. and if you ask, how can i claim this, i am answering:

the program has no open source code, so you just can't see from inside what it does in reality. ofc you can reverse engineer it, but how many of us can make it?
no virus or malware scanners can detect this program and it's behaviors, because it just have no signature of already known viruses. this program is relatively new to have its own signature in virus databases. it is still not so common enough, so when they are saying - virus free, they are saying "almost" truth.
"generous" guys will help install this "virus free" keylogger, if it turns out that you are too dumb to make it running by yourself.

and when you ask, why the keylogger? i'll answer:
why do you need the duping program? that's right - to dupe. what to dupe? hm, some kind of expensive equipment, let's say enigma. so if you want to dupe you must have such type of equipment already on your account! am i right? that's where comes in play keylogger sitting safely in your system: when you download mentioned program, you just gladly invite keylogger in your computer to take all the precious prepared for duping goodies from your accounts. not to make dupes, but to take out from your accounts real hardly earned stuff!
this program is indeed undetectable by bnet, because it does no dll or memory hooks on the client side - it just tries to mimic all what you might seen in the advertising on the site from where you got this program: you had 1 enigma, made some action, logged off, logged in, you have already 2 enigmas... it just mimics, but does nothing. that's why you will try numerous tries to make this dupe method working, involving new and new accounts, new and new stuff...

and the very last, but not least: i saw some threads in the past few days on these forums begging for free items, because they have got their accounts hacked. ofc, there were such type of threads always, but not so common as nowdays. it just correlates too good: threads advertising new hacks - crying people asking for help because they just got hacked.

so when entering internet page or even youtube with advertising for the newest methods of duping or hacking just remember:

do not try this at home - it's too painful!

sorry for my bad english,
but with best wishes,
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Re: soem type of scam is trying to approach our forums?

These types of posts come up every now and they and are not limited just to the trade forums. As you mentioned, they are indeed very likely keyloggers or programs of other nefarious intent, and using them is something we would very strongly discourage (even ignoring the fact that they are illegal anyway). I doubt the program is limited to D2, as it could easily get other information from you such as your banking details, emails, etc.

These links and removed from the forum not only because they violate the forum rules of advertising illegal third party programs, but also because they are a serious risk to users who might unwittingly install them and potentially end up losing everything.


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Re: soem type of scam is trying to approach our forums?

We currently have a small invasion attempt, with these threads popping up everywhere like mushrooms. Dealing with that issue is just just a matter of persistence. We are a dozen mod while the scammer is just a single person and banning needs clearly less work than creating an account and making a few posts, so his silly threads usually don't survive long enough to give him anything but frustration.