soda bottles vs cans

How much less would you pay for an item worth 10 ists if personalized?

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soda bottles vs cans

Which do you prefer?

In my college, bottles are 20 oz. and cost $1.25, cans are 12 oz. and cost
$0.65. Obviously cans are the better deal because you get 4 extra ounces for 5 more cents, but bottles are more convenient; you can close the lid whenever, but not cans. For this problem, I just use an empty water bottle and put the contents of a can in the bottle. It's the same thing isn't it?

Ash Housewares

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cans are cheaper and a better serving size imo

bottles are useless, if you can't break it and stab somebody then whats the point of a bottle?


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Genie in a can

I like cans because they're smaller so I'm less likely to drink too much soda when I have a 12oz. can (b/c I know how much soda I'm drinking...with a bottle, I may drink anywhere from 2oz. to 24oz.)


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i prefer bottles, because: a) they can be closed again
b) they're bigger(i usually drink a 1liter iced tea)


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SilentMagik said:
Beer however should always be served in bottles or, as forementioned, on tap.
Agreed. If you ask me, there should be an 11th commandment: "Thou shalt not drink beer from a can."


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My main gripe is the huge price difference between bottles and cans and that 1 bottle hold less than 2 cans...


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Where I work, a 20 oz bottle is a buck. 12 oz cans are fifty cents.

You can buy two cans for the price of a bottle and get four more ounces.


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G0su_Hellbolt said:
Btw whats poing?
:) poinging is what we do to boobies :)

there's an unwritten rule that all threads with a poll must have a "blame durf/poing/boobies/drink beer option which basically means misc. but more fun (cause we get to poing, drink and blame.

We've been doing it for so long i can't even tell you how it started. I vaguely recall it not always having to be all three, but I was only here like a year or so before the color changed and then I was in forums that actually discussed *crowbar swings*

BTW *crowbar swings* is shorthand for the punishment you'd recieve for mentioning the unmentionable. mmmm, unmentionables. there's a happy thought.

I say if they make it cheaper to buy two cans, then buy two cans...but tell no one. 65 seems low for cans. it's 75 everywhere i can think of. or more. but 1.25 is about right for bottles. no more 1.00 vending machines :(
Maybe I'm strange, but I swear that soda tastes better out of a can. If I can choose, I always go with a can.

Beer, on the other hand, I will choose bottles, unless I'm carrying them any significant distance, in which case cans will win out every time.


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Oops, my eyes are going. SODA bottles.

I prefer to get them in the 16 oz glass bottles that you can only get near the border with Mexico. Yummy!

Glass for teh win!

And like DC, I like my soda in a can. Love that Aluminum on the brain.



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Cans, while cheaper and cooler-looking, have all that aluminumness to them. I'd go with a bottle. That is, if I drank soda in the first place. Hell, why am I posting in here in that case? Makes my head spin.