socketting for an andariel's visage


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socketting for an andariel's visage

for some reason, i'm getting these by the truckload. i figure i can waste a socket quest on one of them, so i was wondering what i should put into it. of course, a nice rare jewel with 30+ fire resistance and other stuff is the logical choice, but i don't have one.

right now, it's on an a1 merc. however, i want to use it for a different character someday, so i would like it to be a very flexible socket. i might use it on a future zon or barb or even paladin.

some stuffs i have:
1. rare jewel with +ed, dex/str.
2. 1-97 lightning damage jewel.
3. 15 ias jewel.
4. cheapo death facet
5. runes up to maybe fal. extra dex or str would be nice, but usually i put shaels or nefs into my questing eq.
6. pgem, i'm thinking pruby.
7. ..?


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I love these helms on mercs, and I'm always looking out for a fire resist (+ other mods) jewel to stick in them. Whatever you pick, you're only a hel rune away from resocketing it.:thumbsup:


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I have one with an IAS/30 fire res jewel in it, but I had to pay Ist for the jewel.


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I only have one of these, and I stuck a RAL into it...

Since I use these for mercs (well, if I get more, that is :)) I'd do the same for the others as well... jewels sound rather expensive :)