Socketing The Ward (shield)

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Socketing The Ward (shield)

I have a perfect (50% res all) Ward and, although it is only a normal unique, would like to socket it with something. There are two primary options: ELD for a bit better blocking or a PDiamond for more resistance. Perhaps there are more options?

What do you suggest?


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The Ward would only really be of use through normal and nightmare difficulty due to it's low defense and no +skills (lidless is a lot better and can be traded for pgems). Therefore it will depend on what other items you will be using. You could go for the pdiamond and then go for high damage weapon, etc. Or you could go for eld and stock up on a few resist charms.

Earl Grey

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The Ward is being used by my MeteOrb sorceress and it's the best shield I have for her. I have to make do with what I find since I don't trade (so I'm 100% sure my stuff is legit).
My sorc suffers a bit since the block rating is so low on the Ward which is why I considered ELD, but more resists is always nice. By the way, she's in late nightmare and will stay there trying to find items until she gets equipment good enough for Hell.

Her stats are (equipped normally):
51% chance to block w 156 dex at level 63.
Res: Fire 75, Cold 41, Lig 58, Poi 75.


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Since the Ward has lousy blocking I'd say it's a waste to try and improve it a little bit with Eld. I'd rather improve its strength which is its nice resists so Perfect diamond:) Use it in Nightmare where blocking isn't too important then upgrade to Moser's Blessed Circle or something better.


btw i think you can safely trade for a lidless whibout having to fear that it will not be legit, as far as i know the duping of middle class uniques hasent started yet :p


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I use a pdiamond socketed ward on the weapon switch of my low budget MF sorc. Wiz spike and ward to teleport close to Meph wiz for resist and fast cast for the durance, ward for max resists, static the bejesus out of him swap to primary MF weapons and kill him. No cheesy moat trick, and mostly safe.
Blocking sucks, but the only thing you can block from him is his cold ball anyways.


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I never bust on what people wear since my frost zealot is wearing an almost complete Isenhart.. :)

The ironic part is all I am missing is the silly breast plate :)

Granted, I'm still only in act 3 norm with him.. (I play him only when perming mule games), but the set has rocked up until now and I was not aware of how much it rocked until I used it.

Just a rundown, shield +helm gives +16 res all.
sword + anything gives + (5 Per Character Level) 5-495 Attack Rating (Based On Character Level) With zeal this rocks..I just don't miss :)

3 items gives +10 str and dex. AR goes up.. damage goes up.

Ok, so the sword blows. 16-17 dam, but with zeal and the bonus to str and some ele charms, I have been one shotting most monsters and was able to do Duriel on 4 regular healing pots..

The set also has low str req and is usable at lvl 8.

I figure I have 1/2 an act more before I need to put on my other stuff, but I gotta say..I am pleased to have found a niche for the set.


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twoflower said:
btw i think you can safely trade for a lidless whibout having to fear that it will not be legit, as far as i know the duping of middle class uniques hasent started yet :p
I heard that HR dupers even duped those gems which were needed to upgrade the freshly duped runes :lol: