socketing question

socketing question

i have an eth zerker axe. i've been offered 4 ist if i socket it with the cube and it comes out 5os. but chances are it won't. so if it comes out 1 or 2 sockets, is it possible to use the socket quest for 6 os after it's already been socketed in the cube?


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nope! its done!

if it comes out like that, throw it on the ground and leave the game.

if your west non, ill make you an ist deal for it as is.
east ladder actually.

price guide has it as 2 ist. if i can't get something close to that, i might just gamble and try for 5os and put is up for auction. or charsi it as the case may be.
5os eth is for death.

the reason its worth a lot now is since you can q socket for 6 os, and make botd in it.

i would keep it how it is .. however, if you take the risk, theres numerous things you can get. 6os for botd, 5os for death, 4os i guess you could make oath in. 3 and under and you've lost.