Socketing options for a MB +3 C&CB


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Socketing options for a MB +3 C&CB


Pits drop me this bow:

[0] sox Matriarchal Bow +3 B&CB

It has no sox and the maximun it can get is 5.

According with Wmeredith all Runewords suitable for a Matriarchal Bow need 4 sockets:

Wmeredith said:
My Rune Word/Bow Picks for Popular Builds

These are my picks. Your picks may be different. This is OK.

-Strafer: “Faith†Grand Matron Bow / "Wrath" Matriarchal bow
-Frostmaiden: +3 “Ice†Matriarchal Bow
-Multizon: +3 “Faith†Matriarchal Bow
-Immo-Zon: “Phoenix†+3 Matriarchal Bow
-Guided Arrow PvP: +3 “Faith†Grand Matron Bow
-Guided Arrow PvM (Assasin): +3 “Faith†Matriarchal Bow
-Proc’-Zon: “Brand†Great Bow
-Effect-o-zon: “Silence†Gothic Bow
Must try the socket recipe to try to make 4 sockets or you have another suggestion?

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Use a cube if it's not superior.

If it is superior or gets 5 sockets, Call To Arms is really your only option and it's not worth the price.

If you get 4 you're home free.

If you get three socs, make an Edge or Melody---> Frostmaiden.

If you get two just trash it.


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Finally I made 3 sox in it :cry:.

Perhaps I'll try Melody to begin building a Frost Maiden (Any recommended guide?)