socketing my merc


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socketing my merc

I was curious at a rich boy stand point what would be the best to socket my mercs gear with.

currently he uses:
The Meat Scrapper

With the weapon I wonder if an Amn or a Shael. Probably Amn but im wandering if the faster attack speed would work better with an item that already has lifeleech.

With the helm and armor, I definetly want atleast one Um, But would two be better or should I go for the +20% faster hit recovery.


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I'd get better gear for your merc and only then use the Larzuk rewards.

But to answer your question, those items already have plenty of LL. A Shael in the weapon would be better for your merc to reach the next breakpoint. Faster attacks = more leech.

An Um in the Shaftstop works well.

Shael in the Stealskull is fine. I wouldn't waste an Um in a Stealskull.