Socketing my Andys: What about this jewels?

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Socketing my Andys: What about this jewels?

My PvM zon:

faith great bow
Andys Helm
C. Moon ammy
2x Ravenfrost rings
War Trav boots
20% IAS/10% CB/LL/15% MF/+14 strength/+10 life gloves
Enigma armour

zon torch
8% FHR/+5 max dam/+29 AR
+5 max dam/+32 AR/+13 life
+6 max dam/+48 AR/+26 life
+175 poison/+4 dex

merc has might aura

SO would a 35% ed/+14 to min damage jewel

a 15% ed/+9 to dex jewel

which would be one of the better choice?
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Re: Socketing my Andys: What about this jewels?

ed/min jewels in not weapon are bugged, you will only recive the %ed for you max damage and the +min damage for you minimum damage. Better safe that jewel for a socketable bow.
15% ed and 9 dex aren't going to make much difference as the general faith setup already has lots of off-weapon ed - in comparison to wf for instance.

ias jewel is close to always the best choice, certainly with your setup as I think you only lack 10 ias to hit 7fpa. Check out the tables in the sticky if you want to know for sure.

P.S. enigma on a bowazon, :cry: