Socketing Items


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Socketing Items

So I found a white grand matron in act 2 Hell. Is there a way to determine whether I can get four sockets on this?

Someone mentioned that I'd get 5 sockets if I use quest? What about the the cube recipe?


Evrae Altana

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If you use Larzuk, you will get max sockets, 5 in this case. If you use the cube recipe, there is a chance you'll get 4 sockets.


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Cube recipe is much better, since you might wanna save Larzuk's socketing for something else.


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But you can just make a new char and get another socket quest. Finding those items needed for the cube socket might be more difficult. Just check how many sockets you need I guess. If you are certain you need 5, just use Larzuk, if you don't really need 5 and 4 might be better for your purpose, use the cube.