socketing Caddy


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socketing Caddy

kk, hi again. Okay, I have a friggin' frick 4os Caddy (took long enough : /)

I'm down to only 2 sojs though, will that be enough to get 3 15ias/40ed's? .... 'cause I've been thinking. I realize its called a "Hunger Bear", hence I should use hunger so I can at least say I use that build and not just bea Mauler who throws in hunger every once in a while, er something.

'cause I could go:
1) Caddy +4shael: get a 4fps maul & 4fps hunger but >damage
2) Caddy +3 15ias/ed+shael: get 5fps maul & 4fps hunger but <damage



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Griswold's Redemption (Caduceus) will only reach 5fpa Maul no matter how many 'shaels' you put in it. 105-120ias yield the same results.