Socketing Bonehew


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Socketing Bonehew

Now that I've been gifted with a bonehew, I've given it to my Might Merc and I'm wondering what to put in the sockets. I'm thinking eth and Amn. Any opinions or other suggestions?

Another choice that I do have is a +34 ED jewel

My merc has Hwanin's crown and a lionheart armor (the only way I could get his strength high enough at level 82) so I don't have any life leech hence the Amn. Oh, and I'm a concentrate barb.

Sint Nikolaas

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Socket it with 1 amn, then run around and see if he kills good enough and leeches well. Then you have several options:
1. his dmg/leech is good but he's slow --> shael
2. his dmg/speed is good but not enough leech --> another amn (works better then ED)
3. his leech/speed is good -->dmg jewel
If all of the above are good (dmg, leech and speed) I'd go with a resist jewel or something else that just helps him out. Remember that you can allways unsocket the item with the unsocketing recipe, however it will delete the runes/gems/jewels that were inside.. so.. think before you put that ED jewel in :)

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Well dunno if you're the guy who asked on the Found Item thread..

My necro's merc's Bonehew is socketed Hel Amn. This is because Bonehew has a 195 str requirement, which an Act2 NM Merc won't reach until the upper 80s/low 90s I think. So unless you are putting sufficient +str gear on him (like say Leviathan), it's really necessary to give him the Hel.

Edit: Forgot to read the strength comment. Disregard everything I said :p