Socket Question


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Socket Question

Hi, i'm looking for recommendations on what to put in an open socket on a Jalals helm. I have a Fury/Rabies Druid with the following gear:

Helm - Up'd Jalals
Armor - CoH
Weapon - Eth Zod Ribcracker(not up'd, i'm NL)
Gloves - Drac's
Belt - Dungo's
Boots - Gorerider
Ammy - +2 to druid skills, +9 to min dmg
Rings - RavenFrost, Carrion Wind

I have 2 jewels i thought might be good: a +15 to min dmg, and a 32%/+4 regen -- are either of these worthy? I thought i read somewhere that ed jewels don't work as well if they're not in weapons?

Also, any suggestions on Mercs? I have a Might one now, He has gaze, Spire of Honor, and corpsemourn on. (i know his gear isn't great, but i'm not too wealthy, mostly lucky with the gear my druid has)

I'm also open to any suggestions on other gear. Thanks for the help, and i must say that this is one of my fav chars to play!


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Maybe you should shael it... looks like you need another another 10 FHR for bp. (but could be done with charms instead)


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I have a 14 max dmg 15 resist all jewel. Would that be a bad choice or worthwhile to put it in a Jalals as well?