socket question


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socket question

whats my best bet to get 6 socks on an eth colossus sword?
larzuk or cube ?
and is it worth it in terms of tradeability, or are colossus blades the only ones sought after?


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Colussus swords have a maximum of 5 sockets no matter how you try to socket it. Sorry.
Col. Blades are more sought after, since they are slightly faster, and also a tiny little bit more damage. Also, you can't make botd in col. swords since they are 5sock max. And I suppose botd still is the most popular runeword.


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Actually damage-wise CB is a little lower than CS (45 vs. 48 one-hand, 86.5 vs. 91.5 two-hand), but LorveN is right that CB is faster and can get 6os. Note that CB is TC87, so it's much rarer than CS.