socket/item question


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socket/item question

when looking for claws or wands
what skills do you usually look for when u need to runeword it
such as White or Chaos
what +skills are most popular????


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i dont play sin but i think their venom,weapon block,dragon flight n....?

also...i think u meant the runewords 'Chaos' n 'Fury',not 'White' ;p

edit: sry didnt read carefully my mistake lol...for 'White' ppl usually look for bspear n bspirit(in that order)


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For white wand you want which ever bone skills you are using on your Necro.
Either skeleton skills or things like bone spear or bone spirit, the more base skills on the wand the better.

For Sassy claws, shadow skills are popular, Shadow Master, Mind Blast and Venom. Also Lighting sentry, Wake of Inferno and Wake of Fire.

Wands and claws that have multiple skills are the best. Example a Suwayyah that had + three to Mind Blast and +2 to Lighting Sentry and maybe +2 to Shadow Warrior would be nice. There are many Sassy claw combinations that would be nice.


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For a summoner (something that beats up Arm of King Leoric):
+ 3 skeleton warrior
+ 3 skeleton mastery
+ x amp (alt: +3 corpse explotion)

For a bonemancer:
+ 3 bone spirit
+ 3 bone spear
+ x decryptify

For a venomancer:
+ 3 Poison nova
+ 3 lower resist

For an assasin (here it all depends on the rest of the gear):
+ 3 venom (if you have a prebuff claw on switch, this skill is not a necessity)
+ 3 fade (if you have a prebuff claw on switch, this skill is not a necessity)
+ 3 dragon flight
+ 3 weapon block (if you remove one of upper skills)

pre buff claw:
+ 3 shadow disiplines
+ 3 venom
+ 3 fade

- D.J.