socket advice


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socket advice

Ok ive got an eth bonehew on my act2 hf merc. My question is: what should i put in it?
I was thinking ed jewels but i dont really need my merc to actually kill stuff. Res all jewel? i have noticed he dies once in a while when i mf in hell...
Please all suggestions are appreciated!

[btw dont know if this is the right place for this question but considering my char is a sorc...]


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If you dont have any other lifeleech sources, put in amn+amn, otherwise shael+shael for another ias breakpoint.


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Since you already have some life leech it would probably be better to Shael it. If your merc attacks faster, then he'll also leech more, also less chance of his attack being interrupted wich equals no leech at all. If your merc has bad resists then you could get an upgraded Duriel's Shell, that should give him max resist.


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Socketing a weapon for resistance seems a bit wasteful to me. Well, unless it's an orb or a wand or soemthing, and even then I'd rather facets...