Socially Acceptable Protocol Under this Condition:


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Socially Acceptable Protocol Under this Condition:

I didn't explain in the title because I didn't think it was long enough.

Three people:
Driver who knows you but not friend

The driver comes to pick you and the friend up. The driver is obviously in the driver's seat. Who sits up front in the passenger seat, and who sits in the back? Which is the polite but 'normal' way. And I use normal lightly.


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Heck, whoever calls shotgun gets the front. Otherwise, whomever has longer legs, or would be more cramped in the back seat, would be the appropriate choice.
ugh I hate that situation, its usually me who's the unknown person and I always get ignored. The unknown person sits in the back. I think calling shotgun only counts when you know the driver too.


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Why not sit in the back seat and make out with your friend? What kind of guy hangs around with another guy, anyways?


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i rock up shotgun if my friend doesnt know the driver, but i always make sure the people in the back are included in conversation.


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You sit up front, unless there's a space problem. (Friend has long legs, wide rear, etc.) If you know the 3 of you are going to pick up a fourth, both of you get in the back to save time. Problem solved. 'Nuff said.