So where is everyone?

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So where is everyone?

So what realm does everyone play? I now only have 2 active players on my list EAST wise...that is Xey and Salad. Thinking of Moving to have more people to play with. If I don't...I would rather play single player. lol.


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You could add me: *PhatTrumpet1

There's also Matt, and Kilmin, and Sip, and Helz... but I'm obviously not going to give out their accounts. Didn't Lucky start playing east, too?


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kilmin i think quit yesterday, because he got bored

helz and matt will always be helz and matt; cant really play with em coz they spend 95% of their time cleaning bnet of hackers :D

east sux because there arent many people left playing the game

but i think its more of a worldwide phenomenon


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Heya Rekoc (Spade)

I have taken my gaming to WoW... which ya prob already know.




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When I do play DII it's on east, however, I have tons of goodies left on Europe, so I could play there if I wanted to, but I can't tele there at the 105% bp with sorcs, so I got angry and started playing east again. :)