So Very Close!!!


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So Very Close!!!

i'm so incredibly frustrated at the moment, it's not even funny. i was minding my own business, doing baalruns with my lv ** zealot, when diablo walked. Now i've never been in a game where diablo walked before, or for that matter had a char that would stand a chance of beating him. but full of naive optimism, i went straight to frigid highlands, since it's closest and i was in a public game, and there he was in all his glory.

i went straight in and started tanking like a good'un, with my merc standing there making sarcastic comments, and occasionally remembering to poke him with that big stick of his. everyone else in the game, realising that he'd already spawned, spent ages working out who'd found him, then tried to party me to find where i was. i ignored them, basically coz i would have died if i stopped to party, so they went a-hunting. i had him down to under 10% of his health (!!!), when some ******* druid found me. when i didn't party still he hostiled and attacked me. after i'd killed him twice, thwacking away at diablo all the while, he told everyone else where we were and they ran in, activating a huge band of imps, crushers, and god knows what else who all went straight at me, or so it seemed. this meant i hit diablo far less, and was block locked for a lot of the time.

by this point i'd been hitting for ages, and then, with diablo at around 5% health, i used my last full rujuv. 2 more lightning hoses and i was toast. then, just to spoil any hope i had of even going back and trying to just grab the anni, my mum came up and tried to start a conversation about my day at work, of all things. distracted, and i'll admit more than a little edgy, i exited the game instead of hitting my hotkeys.

all i can say is, i hope that whoever got the anni, it wasn't that damn druid!


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Oh dear,

Lets just hope that druid got whipped by Big D as well as u

Better luck next time

Klæmint Vágadal

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Ahhh man! Really sorry for youre loss:undecided:

The time DClone spawns (If he ever will for me) in a pub game, I will try to spawn him in some dark and sneeky place:evil:

Evrae Altana

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If you managed to kill that druid twice at the same time you're trying to take out DC, he probably didn't stand much of a chance himself. :tongue:


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damn. better luck next time ><

perhaps next time u should choose somewhere else. frigid is common.

another easy place to find him is go up the portal from the arcane WP and there u go



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I thought D clones lightning hose was the same as regular Diablo's, in that if you're close enough it goes straight over you?


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thanks all for your support. i think i'm slowly recovering. and now, at least i have a new aim to keep me entertained when MFing gets too repetitive. i'm going Uber-hunting.


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Thats what happens when you dont click the chat gem often enough. :badteeth:


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For spawning areas - most people don't know how he spawns anyway, or even that he spawns instead of a superunique. My favorite place to spawn him in random games like that is to waypoint to the inner cloister, then hotfoot it up to spawn him from the skeleton mage up there... can't remember his name offhand, Ash Bane or something I think.

Not only do people not know what the rules of his spawning are, they all go for the expected places first. Rakanishu, Eldritch, Shenk, etc. How many people would think to portal out to Inner Cloister?


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How many people would think to portal out to Inner Cloister?
Me cause thats exactly the place I was gonna suggest.

I think nihla is pretty unexpected also and if you know the maps you can get there very fast.


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It's Bane Ash.

Good candidates are those which need just sa mouse click to spawn. Bane Ash is probably too far away from the waypoint to spawn him immediately. Better candidates are seal bosses, any act boss, Councils in Durance 3, Pindle, Eldritch etc. Uncommon ones would be Witch Doctor Endoguu or Duriel.

I never had a clone hunt in a public game so far. Perhaps the following works well if there is competition with people who know enough details about the game:

The experts will probably start to spawn super-uniques, leaving out only one. To counter that, do the same, so no super-unique at all is left or at least none of of those left can be found quickly. Then hide somewhere in act 5 and when the earth shakes, TP to Harrogath and while the others are wasting their time with looking for unspawned super-uniques, make key portals until you have Forgotten Sands. Ãœber Duriel is nearly always to the left top of the portal and very near to it, so he should be spawned at the instant the portal is entered.

However, I'm not sure if Ãœbers get replaced by the clone. Perhaps it even works with those in Tristram and when the last one gets killed, you might get a torch as well :grin: