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so this is my kicksin build (PVP) ..tell me if its alright <

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by Kilshok, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Kilshok

    Kilshok IncGamers Member

    Aug 10, 2006
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    so this is my kicksin build (PVP) ..tell me if its alright


    Helm: either shako or Crown Of Ages (not sure which..but shako is lookin sexc cuz its cheap...)

    Gloves: Trang gloves

    Rings: 2X p ravenfrost

    Amulet: Highlords Wrath

    Boots: upp'd gores, shadow dancers, or VERY high def rare myrimidon greaves with FHR mod (needs to be GG)

    Armor: choosing between bramble, p dusk coh, or dusk enigma...

    Weapons: either duel bartucs, or one bartucs and one fury claw with + to venom mod...

    Weapon switch: either cta and sigons, or deaths web, and SS

    Belt: Verdungos Hearty Cord

    Charms: 3 shadow skill gcs, 6 martial arts gcs, anni, 19/19 sin torch


    Strength: enough to wear all gear with anni and torch, maybe a little more to add more kick damage...

    Dexterity: not too sure on this one, but prolly enough to wear gear and add some sufficiant AR and kick damage,

    Vitality: rest in here

    Energy: none (of course)


    MAXED SKILLS= Venom, Dragon flight, Dragon tail, Burst of Speed,

    8-15 in wep block

    1 in all prerequites

    1 in claw mastery

    1 in fade

    yeah so hopefully this is good, so tell me what you think, if i need some additions, or just in general what i need to improve on..this will be my first Assassin EVER

  2. WhiteAlien

    WhiteAlien Banned

    Dec 18, 2005
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    Have you ever asked yourself why PvP arena is not overcrowded with kickers. I think you will find it out very soon :devil:

    Before I explain your gear remember that almost any pala build will own you and in these days every 2nd PvP'er is a smiter. :shocked:

    When making kicker you must chose if you go claw/claw or claw/shield. In big lines claw/claw is better vs casters and shield kicker better vs melee. Also shield sin have much wider choice between weapons.

    About stat points:
    for claw/claw sin: str nothing, dex nothing or enough for claws, vita res, nrg nothing
    shield sin: str nothing, dex enough for 75% block, vita rest, nrg nothing

    About your gear choice:
    CoA is better than shako in many ways
    Enigma is the only choice, mobility is important
    Verdungos can be swaped for arach for more FCR
    Claws: Fury/bartucs or Fury/Jade or 2 bartucs
    if Shield then choice goes for SS ofc with weapon of your choice, ex., Azurewrath
    Trangs can be swaped for Dracs. Kickers trigger life tap very often.

    About skills:

    Normaly pure kickers sux in PvP. They have no synergies to max so very often people chose 2nd type of attack - traps. IMO in your case:

    Max venom, mind blast
    1- or max pts Dragon talon
    1- or max Dragon flight
    ~10 pts fade (enough for max DR)
    The rest you can put vhere you want

    Before you go ahead read some guides in assasin forum. :thumbsup:


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