So, Im making the transition to hardcore.


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So, Im making the transition to hardcore.

Hmm... So many questions, I'm switching to hardcore for low level pking, hopefully something that will bring a new thrill to me. Im wondering what the cheapest low level pker would be? And also, what currency is used in hardcore to buy low level uniques/low sets?

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Pgems are probably the most useful in terms of low uniques/sets.

Best cheap pker.... probably a charger of some kind, disposadin or possibly a bonesnap paladin. See the sticked lld guide at the top of the page.

Welcome to HC//The dark side (pking!)


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Cheap pker:
Needs cheap gear
Able to get ears in the time of chicken (i.e. high damage, short time)

I'd say cheapest and easiest by far is a lvl24 normal bonesnap pally.

Matt's right - pgems can get you some great stuff. e.g. a normal bonesnap would go for about 2 pgems when I was last playing.
Actually I could buy Guillaume's face for 2 pgems for that matter...
Depends on who is selling.


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I've been meaning to do this as well, and have been leveling a trapsin to MF norm, except stupid mistakes have gotten this toon killed 5 times in two days. I'm starting to hate act 1-3. /cry


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NO! Act 1-3 actually drop leet gear like +15 large charms of life and +9-15 max dam jools! Love act 1-2. Especially the sewers in act 2. Love it, cherish it, cuddle it, hug it. It be great!

Arcane sanctuary: PICK UP THE CHARMS! Serious! I fuond SEVERAL +6 str/dex 9/10 to max dam grand charms there.

Love act 1-3, cherish it, enjoy it, and pick up jools n charms.


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Always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see how people get great enjoyment out of screwing over other people!


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Always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see how people get great enjoyment out of screwing over other people!
:lol: :lol:

Atleast they give their prey a chance to run, hide, leave, etc. Unlike those darn tppkers :rant:

In all actuality I find it pretty hard to get legitamately pk'd and it's usually your own fault if you do.

I've actually never pk'd but I'm scared that Barry might eat me so that is why I'm saying this. I've got my eye on you Barry. :spy:


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Pkers is why two friends and I are making our hc ladder characters.

1 Orb/Tstorm sorc
1 Bone Necro
1 Freezing Bowazon

If you see us in a party, I would not suggest trying to pk us. That is all. :D

(P.S. I secretly wait for the day someone hostiles us to meet a Tstorm, an Orb, some spirits/spears and a bone prison, and some freezing/guided arrows. And maybe one day we will be high-level pkers. Ya never know... :X )


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Me and a friend just started, we're gonna see how far we can get with a 2 man team.

Our Builds:

Summon Necro(maxed sekleton and mastery) w/ CE
Charged Bolt/Enchantress/Static sorc.

ANy suggestsions there? I'll let ya'll know how it goes i guess.