So, I'm back.

So, I'm back.

I was gone most of the week as a leader on a retreat. It went amazingly well and I am really glad I did it. We got 3 inches of ice and 6 inches of snow. That ice and snow didn't really effect the retreat, except one guy busted his chin open, but I don't have any internet access at home:cry: . Anyway, I just wanted to say I was back and tell y'all I'm safe and sound.

*huggles to all* *Throat punches to the rest*

Lord Nyax

You were gone?

P.S.: Per Ski's new mandate, you must have a Christmas-themed avatar within 13.4562 hours or he will put that man back in his avatar. Hurry, man. For God's sake, hurry.


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Welcome back. You were missed but I am glad you had a great time. How did the speech thingy go?

Ignore Lord Nyax..... not all of us are changing 'tars. :wink2:


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welcome back!

i was wondering where you were in the "Dude, I bought an iMac!!" thread. :D
i didn't know you were french.
Took me a second to get that. *golf clap*

My speech went fine even though I had to edit a bunch of it(I told the jaw surgery story in detail).

Anyway, just got my internet working again. . .no help to the damn cable company.



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You were gone for a week and you post a comeback thread? Sheesh, noob.

Nice to hear from you again, {KOW}Spazed. :smiley: