So i made a smiter


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So i made a smiter

I made a smiter the other day and now hes lvl 80 which is 2 off of my desired lvl of 82 to start dueling (Crown of Ages). So with my setup i use:
(reminder this is pubby dueling so dont flame me about the bm items)
'um' 'um' Crown of Ages
'um' 219% upgraded shaft
Exile Kurast Shield
Doom Zerker
Draculs Grasp

I have around 21 k def, (10 more skill pts +skills quests for defiance)around 1200 life and for some reason my smite damage is low. I only smite at about 2k, while my friend was talking on /f m the other day that with a couple more skill charms hes gunna reach 3k. How is this possible? I kno he only uses 2 combat charms right now so....... do ed jewels have a heavy effect on smite? I have 40 ed jewels, (ladder) and would it be better to socket my CoA with that? PLease reply with thoughts. Thx


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To get around 3k smite, you'll need lots of +skill gear, which I don't see a lot of in your setup.
For rings, use an SOJ+raven
Try harly Shako instead for more life+skills
Try Silence Phase Blade to make your resists better than using Doom.
Then have about 10 paladin COmbat GCs and 1 Annihilus SC in your inventory.

*Also, take off Highlords and put on something else such as Mara's Unique Amulet, because the deadly strike does not boost Smite's Damage.


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Soj for smiter? Use Bul-Kathos ring instead.

You need to boost that life quite a bit. 1200 goes down too fast.


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Oh yeah, sorry, my bad. I've been playing too many casters lately.

Go ith Bul-Kathos instead of SOJs.
Your smite damage is "low" because you use a Kurast SHield. If you got a Sacred targe or Sacred Rondache it would be higher. And those two shields have lower req then a kurast.

O wait. maybe not because you can't make exile with those shields, can u?

i'm not sure.

anyways. what are your base stats with ur might hold the key to your "low life"


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I guess you have low life because of your gear. Most of your stuffl have high str requirements and you don't use enigma. All pally elite shields do the same average smite damage except rondache so it's not the shield. I think your smite dam is low because you lack combat charms.


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Diminished-Soul said:

Yes its true...

If you even have like 1700 or 1800 you will need a lot of "skill" to survive.
:howdy: That would be me. -.- Having low life blows. :( Anyway, any reasonably skilled paladin using non bm gear can probably beat your build using bm gear. Stats, skills, and charm setup would help.