So, I bought a new vehicle....


So, I bought a new vehicle....

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT

It has every single option you can possibly have except a sunroof. Who wants that on a truck anyways. It only has 17,000 miles. I got it for only 21,000.

If you check the KBB price on that, youll see I can thank my friends who have connections in the car dealership business. :) They just got it in Saturday, and pretty much just resold it to me what they paid the guy for it who traded it in. *woot*

Anyways.....its black, and its super pretty. Im happy and excited. Ill post some pictures sometime when I remember, but most people should know what it looks like anyways :)


Oh, did I mention unfortunatly that its for my wife and she'll be driving it 90% of the time. :(

Wait a minute...I just bought my wife a super nice truck, time to head to bed *wink*....see you all in the morning. *wink*


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Heh, you won't see us in the morning. You're gonna need that time to make up for all the lost sleep.


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does it have built in shotguns?

you realise for the next weak at work people will think youve been horse riding :D


DurfBarian said:
Enjoy the low low gas prices, sucker. :p
No doubt...thats the only unfortunate part...but its also a lot of the reason truck prices are down. Noone wants one right now.

Meh, maybe the US can go randomly conquer another country to control more oil, and lower prices. ;) (just kidding)


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I imagine "Just Bought my Wife a really nice Truck Sex" may even rival "Makeup Sex" and "Conjugal Visit Sex".


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Cool Toader! Ahh New truck smell!

Wait, it's a turn in, that's not new truck smell!

*Looks under the seat and finds an old order of McDonalds fries*