So frustrated


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So frustrated

I have 2 different characters who are at the hell ancients but can't beat them (meteorb and fishyzon). I've tried many times, died quite a few times, lost much gold, and have screamed at my monitor. I need to be comforted :(
for the meteorb, usually it takes awhile, but when i matted one on in the past, i started off with 4-6 real quick static fields, then teleported to a corner away from them, and just slowly moved closer and shot a few orbs and a meteor in there, then proceeded to teleport to the opposite corner. it takes awhile, but its pretty safe, so good luck with that.


comfort: You'll eventually get past them, and that'll give you much satisfaction.

advice: Reroll them until they spawn with less dangerous, more manageable mods. In case you didn't know, opening a town portal on the summit will turn the Ancients back into stone. Cursed, Extra Strong, Extra Fast, Might/Fanat Enchanted, Spectral Hit are some of the undesirable mods, and it'd be wise to reroll them when they're immune to the type of damage you deal.
Crushing blow, physical dmg reduction and slow are really good mods to have when battling the Ancients. Blackhorns-Shaftstop-Hone Sundan is one of the many good gear options for an A2 merc. Leech and ctc decrep (both available on a Reaper's Toll) are also very useful.

Don't let your merc get killed; feed him red and purple potions whenever he needs it. If necessary, drop some potions on various places on the summit for quick picking when needed. A wand of Lower Resist will significantly speed up your killing, but is not required. With the sorc, use teleport to get your merc (and yourself) some breathing room. Telekinesis would stun and knockback enemies, and is nice for pinning enemies to a pillar, as well as activating the altar from a better position. Firing a meteor just before activating the altar is a good idea. Static Field is obviously the fastest way to take big chunks off the Ancients' lives at the start of the battle. With your zon, don't shy from casting Valk and Decoy to help your merc tank, as well as for separating the 3 Old Men. Knockback seems to be a helpful mod to carry on your bow (or gloves). Cleglaw's Pincers is a very cheap but also effective option.


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Thats what i did, i had reds and purples stashed all over the summit lol. Then i teleported like crazy while orbing, and letting the merc do a lot of it. Also make sure its set on players 1.


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Crushing blow is VERY effective even at higher player settings due to the obscene amount of life the Ancients have. If you can't stick any on your merc, you can make yourself a Strength runeword in a Kris (they're fast and normal Farah sells them.) Don't be afraid to melee with casters if you can either take at least one hit or have some blocking. You only need to score a couple hits to take off tens of thousands of life.

If you're not morally opposed, switch to P1 also. Ancients have a LOOOOT of life and P8 Ancients are colossi.


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first idea is a pure stab in dark becuase i cant remember if they are affected by slow or not. if yes than give your merc gear with as much of it as possable.

trick with metor orb make sure you have health and mana pots EVERYWHERE. at the start hit them with a load of statics quickly then tele to top or bottom couner (make sure they follow)
hit them with orb then tele away to opersite corner (make sure they DONT follow) now heres the tricky bit slowly (walk) forward and spam a 1 fire bolt towards where you last saw them (make sure there still well of screen) wait a second if none of them come move forward a litle more and repeat till you have 1 aceint following you, move down as far away from where the other 2 as you can let your merc tank 1 of them (keeping potting him like mad) and kill him, then lure 1 of the others and again stay away from the others kill him then the last 1 you can fight alone.


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Well, my meteorb just killed em. Was an insane, and stressful half-hour long battle, with my merc dying early on. The key was separating them and having a lot of patience. Korlic, the last one, had to be killed with me having about half life and no potions or merc left. Luckily meteor doesn't take much mana! The hardest was the whirlwinder, who was cursed and fanat enchanted and immune to fire.

Anyway, big relief there, but I'm still not sure about how it will work on my zon. She doesn't have the beautiful and overpowered teleport skill and so I'm not sure if it's possible for her to split them. The best I've ever done on her was killing 2 of them, and then being left with a lightning-immune double-throw ancient and no merc. Freezing arrow takes a lot of mana and doesn't do a whole lot of damage. I only got him down to about half life before running out of potions... sigh.


Wow on my first meteorb it only took me 15 minutes. There was a cold immune ancient, a fire immune ancient, and a fire and cold immune ancient. I thought i was never going to beat them so i killed pretty easy with meteor, the fire immune took like 5 minutes with FO and my merc took down the last one but i helped him with a some AMP damage charges!!!!!


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I though amp damage charages only come on the Gavel Of Pain, meaning your sorceress has some awesome strength.


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haha oh my goodness... got them on my zon but it took even longer! In any case, thanks everyone for the comfort and advice


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Last time my fishyzon have some good luck with ancienct.
First run I was thinking, I might just go try and see how strong is ancient. And I get easy mod, and my fishyzon kill 2 of them. But eventualyl run out of postion, my merc die and I die.

Second run I think they mod spawn with holyfreese, amplified damage. Reroll

Third run I thorw all those postion... 3 red 1 blue every few step around the map(My merc use insight). I manage to kill 2 of them, and left one LI, so I have to use FA to damage him. She using Wizendraw. But when I damage him 1/3. I run out of ARROWs... I said WTH... So at the end I stand there use Jab to kill that fellow....

My tatic is first use def Merc(his armor was duriel, insight, tal mask). Throw potion all around. KEEP RUNNING the largest circle and stop.... until you found that there is ONLY one 1 ancient following you...
Fight him.... And do that again...


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Well, I understand your frustration from personal experience.

Great suggestions above, but I will add what I have found works:
  • Pots on the ground - there if you need them
  • Get a source of poison - stops regeneration
  • Split them up - hide in a corner if you have to but don't try and take them all at once
  • Absolutely re-roll is you get a dire mod
Or grab someone to MP with :grin:


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Wouldn't it be cool if the Ancient's had AI that would let them pick up pots and drink them?


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The hell ancients REALLY REALLY REALLY suck, for everyone. But here's some handy universal advice:

1) Stash pots all over the battlefield

2) Split them up! With lots of running you can get them 1on1

3) Fight in a corner! When you fight back up into a corner they can't leap attack or WW you.

4) Reroll Reroll Reroll! Sometimes they just respawn with insane mods and no matter what you do you can't win. Often if your character relies on 1 form of elemental damage you'll need upwards of 10+ rerolls before some easy ones pop up that your merc can take 1on1. The piles of pots you left lying around are usually for feeding your merc.